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February 25, 2018
The inability to see straight, or to focus clearly. Seeing double and having a divided double heart.
The most paramount message of the New Testament by the greatest prophet John, to Jesus and His apostles was the KINGDOM OF GOD. Repent and believe the gospel of the Kingdom. We are instructed by Jesus Himself to SEEK---First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness!

The Kingdom is given to those with fruit, believe, obey, seek and other aspects found in the volume of the Word. Examine yourself. Let the Word reveal the truth to your state before it is too late.

Surrendering and Succumbing To the Religious WORLD
Standing Persuaded For What is Right & True
with Jeremiah Mills (Youtube: Driven Assembly)
May 31, 2017


Where is the power? Crossless gospels are dead!:

II Jeremiah Mills sharing
May 3, 2017


The Serpent Kings of the Churches
And Their Venom
April 26, 2017

Jeremiah Mills is back to discuss very important scriptural themes exposing the false religious church system rampant throughout the earth today. We indeed are in the time of apostasy as worshippers gather together in vain under the great men of earth building religious emporiums for their own glory and gain. They shine as lights but are indeed darkness for they deny the words and commands of Jesus Christ. Nothing is new under the sun. This audio will discuss how their practices are rooted in the fall recorded in the beginning Genesis; and seen throughout history.

The satanists glory in man and do not value the things of God. They oppose the cross; never yield to its power, but speak of it only. The great and fair speeches they do sound so good to the crowds of the Mega Churches. The call to pursue the things of the world are esteemed and the true call to deny oneself by the power of the cross of Jesus is repugned.

Note: Mega Churches are created by Mega men. NOT the gospel! The gospel of Jesus Christ does not create a "church". The gospel is not saleable.
So, you want to be "great and chief"? Megas and protos in the Greek. Then Jesus 'set a child in their midst and said, 'Unless you turn around and be as this child you shall not enter the Kingdom of heaven--Mt 18:4. "OH WOW!"
Preach the gospel and all of its accompanying Word and promote self-denial and crucifying the flesh and its works, and you will have few in the gathering. Few. But, promote a "star, celebrity, icon, personality" and you will have people flocking together as the Goat Church.

As Jesus declared, referring to the beauty of the temple and its stones, 'not one stone shall be upon another that shall not be thrown down, surely in due time the man-made Satanic originating religious enterprises will also come down being ground to powder by the Lord. The Lord is calling all to submit to Him and follow the Lord in His instructions. He is building an assembly of saints that love Him, obey Him, follow Him, learn from Him and do what He says. They are not a religious people but a spiritual creation of God inhabited with the presence of the Lord being filled with His Holy Spirit. They are meek, lowly and servants as their Master Jesus. Praise the Lord. Exposure is at hand and the light does reveal what sort the works of man truly are. You shall know them by their fruit.

(Interview) Jeremiah Mills
The "Church" of Contradiction
March 31, 2017
Jeremiah is a disciple of Jesus Christ that I recently met. He is sharing on his You Tube channel, Driven Assembly, many things he himself has been taught by the Lord. One of which is the vital truth of the hour that the "church" is not the "ekklesia", or the assembly of the Lord spoken of in scripture.
A "church" is a different construct from the idea written in scripture.
Jeremiah and I speak of the religious system versus the Kingdom of God and its assembly of faithful followers of Jesus Christ.
Jeremiah mentions the fact that translations were ordered to make alterations effecting language and practice of religious peoples in order to control and deceive.

Many aspects of this vital topic were covered for the listeners careful examination.
We are in hope that this audio will be a part of the people of God's recovery from the derailment of the gospel merchants and over-lords who have taken the role of Jesus as Head of the Body of Christ.


Recent: (2-12-17)
The House of God is the ekklesia. 1Tim. 3:15. The "ekklesia" is the called out assembly of the Lord. The House is made of "living stones" regenerated abiding faithful PEOPLE of Jesus. It is a spiritual house. 1Peter 2:5. Jesus Christ is the "Son of the House, whose house are we if we hold fast continually firm to the end. Hebrews 3:6. (Note that Moses was a servant; while Jesus is a Son)
The Body of Christ, the "ekklesia", is not divided. It is not a work of man. It is not a franchise business of religion. Jesus never endorsed a man to form a franchise branded themed "church". Take heed. Unless the LORD build the House, they labor in vain that build it. Then, there are the builders who are building but they do not hold the Head. They are the rebel builders of Babylon that exalt themselves and their labor into the heavens. They make a name for themselves. Let him that has an ear hear what the Spirit is saying in Jesus' name.

The "ekklesia" is not a "church". A "church" is not the ekklesia. (check the origins of the word "church". Do your prayerful homework.

"Church" is not an accurate translation of the Greek text of the New Testament. Tyndale translated "ekklesia" with the word "congregation. A "church" is based off a different Greek word. A church is more synonymous with a synagogue. A synagogue was a place of institutional religion but was not of the Kingdom of God. A church is a "lord's house" by definition. When men exalt themselves by allowing others to call them by a title, or even ascribe to themselves a title, they become "masters" according to Jesus Christ. Indeed, they are usurping Jesus Christ as the Master Teacher. Matthew 23:8. Obviously this is a tradition of man that is in place for centuries. Nevertheless, the Lord does not change nor does He change His way of the Kingdom to suit man's customs. Mark 7:

Paul did not confer with flesh and blood for a reason. No, not even with the other apostles before him. Why?

God does not receive the person of man, nor should we. Jesus did not care or regard the person of man. Galatians 2:8 and Mt 22:16.
"Prosopon" is the Greek word meaning 'person'. It is the projection a person makes of themselves; the persona. It is can be elements of accomplishments, wealth, stature or other principles of the world. James calls the use of these devices 'judges of evil thoughts'. James 2:4. God is not the respecter of persons.
Celebrity elite icon masters of religion that are set up as over-lords over religious masses is NOT of the Kingdom of God.Mt 23:8;Mt 20:25; Mk 10:42-45; 1Peter 5:1-4.
Elders are disciples. Elders receive the Word of God. Those who are not continuing in the Words of Jesus can not be disciples nor elders. Jesus instructs His disciples, "You are all brethren. Everyone that exalts himself shall be abased". Mt 23.
All who stand in front of Jesus Christ eclipsing Him are thieves and robbers that come to kill, steal and destroy. Jn 10:8 in the original language. Check the lexicon!

We are to hear and see with spiritual senses input from the Lord. We then relay this. Mt 10:27.

God gives us understanding, wisdom and perception. These are spiritual devices from God that enable us to clearly understand, distinguish, weigh and judge with a righteous perspective that is from God. We are to be taught and instructed by the "eye" of the Lord. Colossians 1 confirms this as Paul prayed this for the believers at Colosse. That you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. there is much here for us. Please delight yourself in this. Read Colossians 1.

The abundant warnings regarding deceivers deceiving and monetizing the Word of God; and making merchandise trafficking of souls of people. Note. Today's church world has great men that are as nets and snares capturing simple ignorant people that have not truly found fellowship in God, the Spirit or with His Son Jesus Christ. They walk in darkness and stumble at they know not what. He that follows Jesus will not walk in darkness!

Deserting the Father for another gospel; which is not another.
Gal 1:6; Jeremiah 2:13; 1Pet. 2:25
February 15, 2017


What's Coming?

January 19, 2017
Seek the Lord, hear his voice. Hold to the Word, the "it is written". Beware, watch out, to the voices that come to beguile, lead astray and introduce false doctrines and doctrines of demons. They come to make you part of their trafficking of souls. Are you for sale? Will you buy into the religious system of men?
Ponder: Why do the religious speak of the need for REVIVAL? What causes the death?
What is defilement? What causes defilement. What are the effects of defilement?
And, What does it mean to hold to the HEAD which is Jesus?
Who are they who do not? What are the evidences NOT holding to Jesus as Head?
"Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Repent and believe the gospel."

Standing in the COUNSEL of the Lord.
Echoing False words from deceitful hearts.
J E R E M I A H ---23
January 5, 2017

The "counsel" of the Lord is His 'intimate' communication He shares with those who faithfully abide in Him.(lexicon)
Jesus shares what He hears from the Father and then makes these things KNOWN to His friends. John 15:14-15.
There are many false prophets gone out into the world. Especially among the religious church world. An institution of gospel merchants that tout their own words and wares for money, fame and pleasure. We were warned of this many times in the scripture.
Read Jeremiah 23 and note the dynamic of the false prophets and their mode of dispensing fake words that they say are from God. God never spoke to them. They never heard Him. Yet they ran and prophesy falsely attributing the imagination from their deceitful hearts as if the words of God. It is repeated often and this is how the undiscerning simple minded people become deceived. As propaganda specialists have stated, by repeating something often enough the masses will believe the lies. The false prophets fortify the false words this way. Then, the jargon becomes the narrative among the pseudo christians. It is a delusion.
By sitting at the feet of Jesus, so to speak, through the Holy Spirit, one can receive the illumination of the Word and know, understand and perceive the truth. It is given to the babes but hidden from the wise and prudent.

Note Colossians 2 and the warnings there. Philosophy, vain deceit, traditions of men, principles from the world and things not from Jesus Christ. These words SPOIL you. Paul said in the Spirit.
But, the good news is, we can have full assurance of understanding, the acknowledgment of the mysteries of God, by the revelation of Jesus. All the riches of these truths are "hid" in Jesus Christ. Holding fast to these things that He has taught you will guard you from those who come to seduce and beguile by enticing words of deceit.


Crooked dividing the Word of God. Off the mark.
December 28, 2016
One has to have the eyes of the Lord, one who is taught by the Master Jesus through the Holy Spirit, to discern
distorted teaching. No lie is of the truth. No partial truth is the truth either. Take heed in Jesus' name.


THE Revealed "Testimony"
of Jesus Christ, of Christ, of God...
"Testimony" is a common word in scripture. Check it out. It is the authoritative proclamation of God that when received, is a treasure in our heart.This is revelation or illumination that can only come from above, or from God through the Holy Spirit. Why is this important? The true followers of Jesus overcome the Dragon, the devil, by the blood of the lamb, the word of their testimony---that which they received from the Lord, and that love not their lives unto death. Revelation 12:11, 17.
Jesus said "learn FROM Me" Mt. 11:28-30.
From David the prophet to John the baptist, Paul and John, and Jesus Himself, all teach this vital truth, the testimony from God.
December 21, 2016
Ps.119:99, 111; Mt 13:52; Mt 11:25, 28-30; Mt 12:33-35; GA 1:11-16; 1Co. 1:1-6; Jn 1:7,8,11,12,32-34; Jn 3:3,8,11,21,27,28,32,33; Jn 15:14-15; Rv 1:1,2,5,9,; 6:9; 12:11,17; 19:10

The Word of the LORD!
"Prepare yourself to hear the Lord."
Jeremiah 4
December 15, 2016


The MODE of the Kingdom
or the way of religion?
(Rebuke to "church systems as synagogues and the over-lord masters called "thieves and robbers" by Jesus in John 10.
They won't obey the Door 's teaching or mode, and take His place as the master!)
Jesus is the Door and Shepherd.
Review verses 1 and 8 in the Greek. "came" and "before". Lexicon says those who make a presence in public is "came". And those who are "before" are those who stand in front of and make themselves superior to Jesus. They are the thieves and robbers. They come to kill, steal and destroy. True Satanists! They hate the Truth Jesus. They make merchandise of the people as Peter warned in 2Peter 2. It's all written in plain sight ladies and gentlemen. Let him that has ears hear what the Spirit says to the assembly.
This is what Jesus warned in Matthew 23:6-10; those who claim titles, exalting themselves over the brethren. Are taking Jesus' place, making them antichrist. True elders are disciples. True elders follow Jesus' teaching. They receive the Word of correction. Those not of God can't and don't! It is written.
It is vital to sit at the feet of Jesus by hearing the Holy Spirit as our Teacher.
Paul was a trained religionists; zealous above measure.
But then Paul met Jesus the Truth.

Paul was taught by the Lord as we all should. Ephesians 4:21; John 8:26; John 16:12 and 1 John 2:27.
Note what Paul says about the gospel; not of man; nor taught by man; but the Lord reveals. Galatians 1; Mt. 11:25-27.

The "Church" as a creation of man is the proving ground of the Lord to see who you will serve. Jesus or man? Will you follow the Word of God or the word of men?
"Church" is a word based off a different Greek word meaning 'lord's house'. While, the scripture is referring to "ekklesia" meaning 'called out people." This is why people ask,"what church do you go to?" Because a church is a place or institutonal thing as a synagogue is and was. But God has one assembly, fold and flock that is in Jesus. Are you going to be in it or the local franchise brand of church of men? God calls us out unto Him. Hebrews 13:13 OUTSIDE THE CAMP.

Note in Galatians 1 that Paul excelled in Judaism, a religion of men, but when he met Jesus he refused all of it and was solely taught by the Lord through the Holy Spirit. This is the way of true discipleship. Follow Jesus. The "truth is in Jesus". Religion of man is only hearsay. As Judaism is words of men taught by men. Same thing with Churchianity. Few really know the Lord. Test the spirit. Watch the fruit. Note the doctrine. Have the eye of the Lord. Jesus is without leaven. He is unleavened Bread. He is the Truth. What do you eat? The pure Word of God or the leavened bread of the Pharisees?
December 7, 2016
Coming soon...Lord willing, "THE CHURCH MYTH".
Attention attention attention. The Christian City Church of Atlanta promotes "letters to Santa"!. Myths galore. It is proof that Jesus to them is just another myth. If they knew Him they would not associate Him with such corruption. Test the fruit. Weigh the spirits. They speak of the world because they are of the world; and, if they speak not according to this Word it is because there is no light in them. Isaiah 8.

You NEED to hear Jesus!
Secular, religious, spiritual in Jesus Christ--
No matter who or what you are, you have to hear what Jesus is speaking.
He brings correction and instruction to all that will hear .

Then of course, do what He says!
December 1, 2016

The VAIN Mind of the Peoples (Ethnos)
The unregenerate, carnal, worldy, vain, debase, and reprobate mind
of the masses outside of Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 4:17-22 and Luke 6.
September 8, 2016

STAND UP. God standing up to Judge!
Isaiah 3:13
Exhortations from Hebrews 2-4; Jude 5; 1John (all); 1Cor. 10
A sharing the Word of God among brethren.
July 17, 2016

THE Exhortation!
The failing history of the Hebrews, House of Israel and the House of Judah
was written for professing Believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ to consider. Few are saved. Only 2 people made it into the land of promise. Consider Jesus! Today, you must hear His voice! Do not provoke God to wrath. Do not exhibit an evil heart of unbelief. Enter His rest and cease from your own works.
(Hebrews 2-4; Jude 5 and 1 Corinthians 10, Luke 13:25-30.

July 14, 2016


Worshiping in Vain
(Mark 7:5-9)

July 7, 2016

Make Believe is continuing in a religious life based off religious tradition and custom that actually violates the teaching of Jesus.
It is very important to renew oneself in the Word of God and go again and search the things of the Word comparing religious experience with the teaching instruction of the Word of God. Religion is the same today as it ever has been.
The Lord is speaking to those who will hear. He is bringing instruction . The paradox is will you follow the Lord, or maintain protocol and status quo that violates so much of the Word and Spirit of God?
The leaders lead in the rebellion. The Lord called them blind guides and blind leaders leading the blind. He said, let them alone, they both go into the ditch.
The message deals with the insertion of the word "church" for assembly or congregation that the Greek text was written. Masses of religious church goers maintain the church system that is not Word based but rather synagogue system based. Whereas, the "pastors" are the "rulers of the synagogues". The synagogues are the churches.
But the Lord calls us out as an assembly of people that He inhabits by the Spirit and it is NOT the works of men's hands. Isaiah 66 speaks of the man He looks. That "man" is the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you in Him" Or, are in in the Synagogue-church tare system?
Come outside the camp and bare the reproach of Christ. Follow the Lord the Shepherd, not the strangers, hirelings, thieves and robbers as John 10 states.
It is written.
This message repeats after a short one minute exhort and is broadcast to the Americas July 7, 2016 the one year anniversary of this short-wave format.
To date, there has been one responder.
I know that religion supports its own. This ministry of the Word of God is not religious or of the church world.
It is sponsored solely by my own labor of my hands. As Paul an apostle of Jesus gave as an example. 1Th 2; 2Th 3; Acts 28.


'System Check'
June 20, 2016

All it takes for disaster when flying on a jetliner is one thing out of order, malfunctioning, or defective.
There is a long list of checks before a flight makes its departure.
People take their spiritual life way to casually and haphazardly.
Many things are out of order, wrong, not true, false and worse though common place in the church world of religion.
We know the Lord is perfecting His PEOPLE which is the assembly of the Lord.
"Church" is a system based off the synagogue system. It entails many of the errors chided by Jesus and the apostles.
Examine and see the origin of the English word "church" does not reflect the Greek word "ekklesia".
Make a side-by side comparison and see the difference.
READ FULL MESSAGE Assembly vs "church"

Everything has been leavened by the false doctrine, hypocrisy and immorality of the flesh as 1Corinthians 5-6 speaks.
Once leaven is hid in the meal its is impossible to remove by natural means. Try it sometime.
What is impossible for men is possible with God. We all need God for this purifying from the leaven.
Examine yourself. Better yet, let the Lord examine you and see if there be any wicked way in you and lead you and teach you the true way as Psalms 25 speaks.

Many say and do right things but the error they exhibit is gross and will lead to failure and catastrophic destruction.


June 8, 2016
God is grieved. He becomes greatly sorrowed as those who say they love Him
walk in unbelief, disobedience and a religious order.
God is calling for godly sorrow repentance and a teachable spirit and heart.
Everything will be tried by the fire. Examine yourself whether you be in the faith. Make the Lord joyful
rather than grieved.

of the 501c3 Agreement
between "churches" and Secular Government--The United States of America
Special Interview with Dolly Webber
May 29, 2016
Hear about the plan for censorship, liability, the State as supreme, State as land owner, given 'talking points' to represent the government, and much more.
There is no scriptural precedence to form an agreement with secular government. This is a new procedure since 1954. There is actually no new benefit of forming the agreement but only restrictions, liabilities and compromise.

May 26, 2016


May 19, 2016

May 5, 2016

Deceit, Guile and Cunning Craftiness (The Wiles)
Tools of the devil to Deceive
(Make sure you do not use these devices and tools)
An exhortation
April 28, 2016

When a person projects themselves in a manner to affect the perception or view another will have of them.

When a person hides the truth about themselves but uses words skillfully in order for the reality to be hidden.

When a person manipulates what others believe by the way they say something especially about things pertaining to their own self.

The careful methodical skill used in expression both verbal and nonverbal that depicts a falsehood.
(by Trevor Davis)

The LORD wants me to address this issue publicly.  It is something most people do but are not consciously aware they do this.
It stems from selfishness.  It is rooted in lying. 
It is a device of the devil Satan.

It is the opposite of sincerity, purity and transparency.
To be deceitful, is to use cunning craft in order to manipulate others.

The Lord would have us be truthful.
Let your yes be yes and your no be no.  Anything more than that is sin.

There are times to speak and times to be quiet.

The use of deceit, guile and cunning craftiness is also founded upon fear of man or pride of life.

When a person is devoted to the LORD and seeks to please Him alone, it does not matter what man thinks or how they perceive things.  From a pure conscience we are what we are and reflect the life of Jesus Christ because He is our life.  Jesus was despised and rejected by men.  So are His followers if they follow Him.

When a person seeks to be popular or accepted by other flesh people, they sin by doing so. 

This is a heart issue.
The Word of God says, 'keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life'.
The heart effects the "eye" which is one's capacity to discern, perceive, judge and understand.  Mt 6:22-23; Lk 11:34-36.  Mt 6:1-7 describes sins of the same nature.

The Lord knows the hearts.  Jesus has eyes of fire and judges the reins and hearts.

As David prayed, search me and know me LORD.  See if there be any wicked way in me and lead me the way everlasting.

This shows submission to the Potter who seeks to mold His children into the image of His dear Son.  Inside out.  Recreated.  Washed and regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

Examine yourself.  Listen to the conviction of the Lord.  Let Him show you if you practise these devices and repent if you do.

God calls us to sincerity.  Purity.  Simplicity that is in Jesus Christ.  We are to abide in the truth and never never never project a lie.  That is deception.  That is of the devil.

The devil himself transforms himself into an angel of light.    He is a murderer and a liar.  He speaks of himself.  He savors the things of man and not God.
His servants make themselves also appear as ministers of righteousness.
They are wolves that wear sheep's clothing in order to deceive and devour.

The wolf seeks to devour and take the spoil---the resources.

It is imperative to never use these tools of guile, deceit through cunning craftiness.  The devil is subtle.

Many professing Christians and most professional religious leaders are masters of the trade.

The hypocrites were severally chided by Jesus as He pronounced His woe unto them.
A hypocrite is rooted in the sin of this topic today.  They project a false image of themselves and often appear righteous.  They say good things and give fair speeches that deceive the hearts of the simple.
A hypocrite is an actor.  They play a part and use the scriptures as their script.

A hypocrite generally will not repent.
A hypocrite hates the truth and refuses to be corrected.
They hate to be exposed and will seek to murder the light as they did Jesus.
A hypocrite is dead and buried; and like a whited tomb that appears beautiful from the superficial front.  But, inside, they are corrupt, vile and filled with all manner of excess and wickedness.

GUILE: browse/guile?s=t
(synonym) dictionary/guile
ex: 'acting like you work on Wall Street when unemployed'

Deceit : browse/deceit?s=t

Craftiness browse/craftiness?s=t

Wiles browse/wiles?s=t

https://www.blueletterbible. org/search/search.cfm? Criteria=deceit&t=KJV#s=s_ primary_0_1 DECEIT
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https://www.blueletterbible. org/search/search.cfm? Criteria=wiles&t=KJV#s=s_ primary_0_1   wiles


"Living in the spirit?
Living in the flesh?"
April 21, 2016
Jesus spoke to a leader of the Jews Nicodemus (John 3)
spirit is spirit. A nature, realm, sphere, dynamic, manner and way.
flesh is flesh. An all together different realm that can not please God.
The Kingdom of God, God's rule and reign, is where followers submit to Him from their heart.
There is no such thing as a physical institution that represents the Kingdom of God. It is not here or there.
Most importantly, one must be born of the spirit to see it and enter it.
Most religious activity is of the flesh.
God looks for obedience and not sacrifice or foolish striving from the sweat flesh of man.

He is looking for faithful yielding to the Spirit of God
as we walk by faith and obedience to the voice of the Lord.
Unless the LORD build the House, they labor in vain that build it.
Not by might but by My Spirit says the LORD. Jesus said, "I will build my assembly".
One is not rewarded or crowned unless they serve God His way on His terms and manner.
Take heed!
Jesus is bringing judgment and correction.
It is better to receive and adapt than to resist and be ground to powder. Mt 21:42-45


They That FORGOT God:
The Neglected Master Jesus--
April 14, 2016

Times of apostasy are here. Religion and its masses are the same.
Multitudes have forsaken the Lord for men and women that stand in His stead.

"System" means order or world.
The system breeds the same results regardless of the intent of one's heart.
The Kingdom of God trumps the "church system".
Sellers and buyers. Builders and supporters make up the system.
The Word of God and the people are the props for wicked men that operate in the spirit of Babylon.
They speak of the Lord but refuse to obey Him.
They have forgotten God. They do no follow Him or obey Him. Certainly they do not love Him.
Remember, we are to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. All.
Find it all by finding Jesus. Seek Him. Sit at the Master's feet and let Him teach you. 1John 2:27
He has given of His own self gifts for the true body of Christ. But, they are your brethren and not over-lords, titled exalted ones, hirelings, but work with their hands as Paul commanded in Jesus' name in 1Th2 and 2Th 3.
Wise men love reproof and instruction. Fools despise it. Fools hear the sayings of Jesus but do not do it. They build on the sand.
You shall know them by their fruit. "Forget God"


"I am Come For JUDGMENT"
says the Lord Jesus Christ. John 9:39
March 16, 2016

This is very serious.

Note in John 8 how the people came to hear Jesus. He sat down in the temple and taught them.
Immediately came the religious pros the Pharisees and scribes to tempt Jesus and finding fault.
A wise man loves reproof and receives instruction. Proverbs 12:1.
Do you?
The Lord is coming forth speaking to the religious multitudes. "Hear My voice" He says. Be wise. Be instructed.
The plumbline and the plummet are going forth by the eye of the LORD. He is weighing not only the doctrines and external actions but the internal motives of the people.
God is not fooled by white washed appearances. He is looking for authentic submission and obedience that bears fruit of Jesus by the Holy Spirit.
Therefore, receive the truth of the corrects what is wrong.
Jeremiah 4.

"SAME o'"
March 10, 2016

Believe?...continue in My Word and you shall be My disciple indeed.
John 9: Jesus gives sight to the blind; both physical and spiritual.

But, did you realize He also gives blindness--spiritual blindness to those who love not the truth and refuse to walk in it?
Isaiah 29:10--->
"Let us keep the feast--Jesus Christ is our Passover!"
1Cor 5:6-8; Dt 16:1, Leviticus 23; Exodus 23:15; Exodus 12:2
Passover is lunar timed and NOT solar. Easter is based on the ancient goddess Astarte and her son Tammuz.
See Ezekiel 8 and see how this is not new. That today's churches follow the same thing for the most part.
Jesus rose from the dead three days after He was crucified on the 14th of Nissan as they prepared the passover lambs. He rose three days later.
"Changing the phrase to 'resurrection Sunday' is just another falling short method.
Disciples of the Lord, we are told specifically to keep the feast Passover which is Jesus Christ. Come out from amonst them and be separate says the LORD.
It is no small thing that the religious world keeps these things. They are the builders that reject the Cornerstone! They divide the body of Christ, name their cult their own imagination names, set up themselves as lords over the people but God is delivering His flock from their mouths as Ezekiel 34 says.

Solomon introduced this wickedness to Israel and Judah as seen in 1 Kings 11 forward.
Solomon is a builder that rejects the Cornerstone. The "pastors" of the institutional churches follow suit in this rebellion
that contradicts the teaching of Jesus Christ: Hirelings, titled men, build system that disobeys Jesus words, make disciples unto themselves and not unto the Lord, keep the ancient pagan practices though "christianized". This is not representing the truth, nor is it separate from the idols, nor does it consider the errors of Israel
and Judah.

"Nothing New!
March 2, 2016

What is God doing and saying?
Can you hear?
Are you doing what He is doing?
Are you resisting Him?
Acts 6 and 7 with Stephen. Resisted to death.
Uncircumcised hearts and ears of religious people.
True gift of Christ ministry to purpose of bringing perfection, full stature in Christ, perfect man...
Grow up in Christ. Get rid of the stumbling blocks.
PAGAN-CHRISTIANIZED HOLIDAYS, False Church Government patterned after the Gentiles and leavened doctrines of men.
The divisions in the body that are due to following Jesus versus those who do not. Those sanctifying the Lord vs those who do not.
The divisions of religious men that make commerce out of the Word of God.


A very grieving message. God offended. An offense against Jesus Christ.
The lord-gods of the Mega "Churches"
Psalms 82:6-7; John 10:34
February 23, 2016
Those who stand in the place of Jesus and misrepresent Him.
Those who forgot God. But speak in His name.
The great ones that exalt themselves as super-spiritual elite leaders.
Yet, they are bind guides leading the blind!
Their message is filled with leaven and chaff.
They align with others doing the same peddling of the Word.
Some even use symbols like pyramids that is obviously Satan's Temple.
They shall proceed no further says the LORD, their folly shall be made known.
Universalists, false gospel, gospel merchants, exalted men, violating scripture.
Be warned. This can not be ignored nor covered over as the Lord has instructed.

"For the Word of God"

February 18, 2016
John was in the island of Patmos for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Rev 1:9
Paul receivied and heard the Word of God from Jesus too.
All disciples are to hear the Lord's Word. Eph 4:20+
Hebrews 12:25; Rev 12:17; 19:10; Is 65:12;66:4
Jeremiah 6 and Isaiah 30.

February 3, 2016 My spiritual birthday from 1981! Thank you Lord
Haggai 2:6-9; and Hebrews 12:25-29
Everything is going to be shaken by God. Everything.
You better be standing firm on the foundation of God that is in Jesus Christ.
God is cleansing His House. 1Peter 4:17-18; 2Cor 6:14-7:1
Instruction receive it
Wisdom and walk in it daily.
Lk 9:23
Note as an example 1Kings through beginning of 1Kings 13 when God sent a man of God to speak the Word of God.
The Lord is cleaning His house. Government of God to be in order as Jesus taught. Doctrine is to be pure without leaven of Pharisees and scribes. The Practices that are done that are a contradiction to the Word of God must be removed. All the Heathen pagan similtudes and manners must be removed. Merchandising the gospel stopped. Religious lords off their thrones!
Plus recent news.

January 27, 2016
The Kingdom of God is at Hand!
The Key message of Jesus, a man named John, Paul and the Spirit of God today.
The Kingdom of God is in the hearts of those who submit to the Lordship of Jesus!
There is a reward for the righteous. There is a reward for the wicked.

December 9, 2015 Wednesday (Broadcast to North America)
"The Real Terror--the terror of the LORD" 2Corinthians 5:11

Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, once a trained Pharisee of Pharisees,
said, "Knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade men".

Rethink religion and consider submitting to the Kingdom of God following Jesus.

Be persuaded oh rebels to the Lordship of Jesus Christ!
Nothing is new under the sun.
Woe woe woe unto those who are making merchandise of the things of God.
Woe unto those mis-representing Jesus Christ.
Woe unto the blind leaders leading the blind.
View things from God's eye not religious eyes of your religious experience! Psalms 32:8-9
One Fold, One Flock, One Shepherd.
Many false "churches", Many false "pastors".
Every man has received of the gift of Christ and is to minister one to another.
There is no such thing in the Kingdom of God as exalted titled hired hand "ministers". They are unscriptural.
Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42; Matthew 23:8-10; 1Peter 5:1-3; many scriptures cited in audio on One body, one flock, one fold, One Shepherd
Remember, Jesus said He did not condemn but His Word would judge everyone!
The Word comes from the Father.
Therefore, be instructed by the Word.


November 17, 2015 Tuesday
"The Greatest Danger and what to do about it"
(New) exhortation about "ministries" that are not but are businesses--religious businesses.

November 11, 2015 Wednesday
"Masters of Deceit"
"A Cult is a Cult is a Cult".

Religion is like cans of soup. The shelves are full of them. Pick one.
The faith in Jesus Christ is not a religion.
The Kingdom of God does not come by observation. It is not here or there. It is not on this corner or that corner.
The Kingdom of God is not headquartered in Rome, Missouri, Utah, or any place on earth. Luke 17:20-24

The Last Days warning: 2Timothy 3:4-15
Religion at odds with God. Matthew 23.
Warning! 'Professional Code-breakers' making followers unto themselves; making merchandise of the people.
1Corinthians 3. Building and planting contrary to the Word of God.
Adding traditions and false doctrine contrary to the Word of God. Woe unto you.
The warning is that your folly shall me made known and you shall proceed no further. The light of the Lord is exposing the sham.

Hebrews 3--consider Jesus! The apostle and High Priest of the profession of faith.
Take heed about an evil heart of unbelief or no faith.
Without faith it is impossible to please God.
We are only righteous before God by faith.
Synagogues are churches. The same thing.
The need to define terms; as with "church".
Scripturally, what Jesus means by the translated word "church", is an assembly of people.
The religious professionals that killed Jesus and persecuted the true lambs of God throughout history have re-built the synagogue system.
This is why they have multiple denominations and schisms... Read 1Corinthians 1 and 3. Christ's body is not divided.

Religious people are largely blind people that CANNOT SEE.

The "door knockers", those on the outside when Jesus shuts the door, were religious people ignorant of a true walk with the Lord.
People choose their brand of religion like people choose soup.
People study from censored books that cut out portions of the Word of God.
Every person I ever met who sits in the church system of today is immature in Christ.
Its true. I tell the truth and lie not. They have been infected with leaven. They are ignorant of the devices of the devil. They lack
true methods of discernment and cannot distinguish truth from error, spirit from flesh, the Kingdom of God versus the world.
Lastly, what God the Father said of those who refuse the words spoken by Jesus in Deuteronomy 18:18-19.


November 4, 2015 Wednesday
The LORD. The LORD God. There is non else.
To find Him; is to find His only begotten Son Jesus whom He gave to be the savior of the world.

Paul Gautschi and the message of the LORD called, BACK TO EDEN".
Stunning wonderful message from the Lord on His goodness, wisdom, care and love to men.
Last days message of knowing how to grow food for nutrients that feed the whole person.
No watering or tilling method. Rich in vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients that God intended for man to enjoy and eat.
Note: These videos with Paul are not merely gardening or nutrition videos. He is giving God glory and encouraging the people
to look to the Lord for everything, hear His voice, follow HIs lead, and marvel at the fellowship with the Lord through Jesus.
The parallels are awesome between gardening and spiritual realities. Sowing and reaping, tares, weeds and pests, dehydration as no Word, foolishness vs
wisdom, diligence vs laziness. Pruning, natural compost or dunging. All of this is very edifying.

God made man. He also made food for man.
Man has done his best to destroy all of this.


October 28, 2015 Wednesday
"Barren Fig Trees"
Jeremiah 8 (esp vs 13)
Matthew 15; Luke 13; Luke 13
Matthew 23:37-39; Matthew 21:42-45
Religion at odds with the Kingdom of God.
A fig tree with no fruit of the LORD.
The adversaries of the LORD.

October 19, 2015 Monday
"Pastor Saul-the Misleader"
Act of God in this hour is to perfect the Body of Christ;
bringing true believers, followers and learners into full stature of Jesus.
Paradox: Diamond versus man-made synthetic cubic zirconia
True assembly of Jesus versus religious anti-disciples.
Leaders that mislead, lord over, misrepresent Jesus as Saul did to God.
The end is the same.
Of recent, I note false prophets who prophesy true things with leaven mingled.
Go to their website and sure enough, they have their paypal accounts, their association with other false prophets,
highly corrupted themes and so on.
Jesus said, we are to take heed that the light in us be not darkness. It is the teaching of the "eye" that Jesus taught. Luke 11:34-36.
It is a heart issue. People are blinded and limited in their perception by their heart and they way they live.
One can talk about the various judgments, failures, and horrific events that are coming, but if you do not have the truth, and are submitting yourself to a corrupt
system, then you are already in the deception.
Some people I know that are coming out of the religious system unto the true Jesus, told me of a true story:
Their "church" said they were going to stop using the word"disciple" and use "apprentice instead. Connect Church in Bozeman Montana.
While they were shocked and opposed this verbally, I was stunned how this was a perfect fit.

What is an apprentice? It is a person who works for another to learn a trade. It is a person who works for another master craftsman to learn a trade.
Now that should shock you but it is likely not to.
This is the perfect description of the secret societies, those the bible refers as the "builders that reject the Cornerstone--Jesus".
They are building brick and mortar systems that use the Lord and do not serve Him nor obey Him. They have also created alliances with rebelling governments of the world per Psalms 2.
So, in rejecting the word disciple for apprentice is actually a true fit.

This has to be one of the greatest dangers; following Misleaders, or Sauls, who disobey the Lord and lead the people into religion rather than the Kingdom of God.
Reject the Pastor Sauls! Follow Jesus instead. You can't do both. You can only have one Master.
People are confused. While there are ministries, elders and such, they are gifts of Christ ministered through "brethren"; NOT Hirelings, Not over-lords, not exalted masters over the people per Jesus in MT 20:25; Mk 10:42; Mt 23:8-10; 1Pe 5:1-3; Ezekiel 34; John 10.
Search the scriptures and see: There is no such thing as a "Pastor so and so". It does not exist. It was created by the rulers of the synagogues that re-created the synagogue system that was destroyed per Jesus in Matthew 24:2.
There are elders yes. They are brethren. Not lords or paid professionals. Read the Word. Be instructed. The only one to be exalted over the people is the rightful Lord Jesus. Believers are brethren. Note Paul's example.


October 6, 2015 Tuesday
"Anti-Ministries" (Against, opposite and replace or instead of)
Those who use God but do not serve God.
King Saul, Cain, Baalam, Diotrephes, false brethren many,
Easy to spot.
Note Paul's example, manner and command to follow his example. A command in the name of Jesus' Christ!
Paul was not a master over the people. He was not a hireling. He worked with his own hands.
Gospel merchants. Franchisers setting up synagogues called churches.
Sit as Pharaoh-kings like Saul.
Speak of themselves seeking their own glory.
Forked tongue speaking leaven from the serpent.
How I learned this. I encountered it as Paul did. As John did.
The enemies of the cross of Christ are those who love their own will. Double minded men who are unstable.
Everything they do is for public response; not God's.


October 5, 2015 Monday
How I heard and saw what...
How I heard and saw comes to pass...
My experience with another I had to separate due to his error as a gospel merchant. Blind man. Double-mega life unstable.
What the Lord is saying to us...

Gun control agenda continues.
Russia bombing and sending more troops to Syria to oust terrorists.
US and UK oppose.
Financial Markets bounce. Still below historic points of the fall.
Bubbles and political drama cited by Ron Paul.

October 2, 2015 Friday
"Prophetic Declaration from Proverbs 1 & 2", Jeremiah 2, 4 and Zephaniah

Zep 2:3 Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD'S anger.

September 30, 2015 Wednesday
"False Prophets, False Watchmen"
Dt 18; Jeremiah 14 & 23
Ezekiel 13, Ez 3, 33
2Peter 2:1, 1Jn 4:1; Mt 24:11, 24
God will judge the ones that speak lies, imagination, divine, and conjure spirits
as well as the ones that listen and believe them.
It is written!

September 28, 2015 Monday
"The Non-response to the Word of God" 1Kings 18:21
How long do you halt between your divided mind?
Either the Word of God is God's Word or it is not.
Either you are going to follow the Lord or not.
Either you are going to stay in Babylon or come out.
Either you are going to follow Jesus or religious hired hands.
Either you are going to be in the Kingdom of God or you are going into the snare.

Dow Jones down 300 points breaking through 16,000. Weak!
Pentagon planning to chip soldiers brains.

September 25, 2015 Friday
"Depths of Satan"
Deception, Illusion, Delusion
Lies. The snare for those who would not hear the LORD, chose pleasure of unrighteousness, hypocrisy, religion, trust in man.

Today, a real false christ promoting another Delusion-Illusion in New York
Standing behind him were other religions "praying"? Promoting the delusion on the Propaganda Media Format/TV for the world to believe.

September 22, 2015 Tuesday

"Your Worst Nightmare!" STA_308
Thieves, robbers, strangers, hirelings and "fathers" of the false prophets.
'Woe unto you when all men speak well of you, for so their "fathers" spoke of the false prophets:
"fathers" means originator, transmitter, influencer, author, one who is able to infuse his spirit into others, actuates or governs their minds.
John 7:7 Jesus said that the world HATETH Him! He testifies that the deeds of the world are evil.
Note that a true disciple of Jesus is the same as Jesus and not as the false prophets and their 'fathers' who uphold the whole system of error.
The synagogue-churches of today promote their wares as any franchise fast food institution. Celebrity, jingle, coy platitudes, slogans, worldly manner and such. other brethren hearing the same message from the Lord Jesus.


September 11, 2015 Friday

"Controlled Demolition and the Phoenix"
This is an extreme example of God being amazing in what He reveals what and when!
This was sovereign today as I was directed in this study
The mode of operandi of the "Builders" cited in the Bible. Psalms 118
The Babylonian Builders. Genesis 11
The Pharisee religious system destroyed and nullified by Jesus; yet rebuilt by today's institutional professionals. They are identical to the woes of Matthew 23 and more.

One World Trade Center built on the ashes of World Trade Center's ashes. A controlled demolition to create the Phoenix myth.
Phoenix is a mythical belief system that rebuilds from ashes.
Controlled Demolition Incorporated was headquartered in Phoenix Maryland. A truth revealed to me today on 911.
They set records worldwide in destroying buildings in their own footprint to the height of World Trade Center in NY in the same time frame.

Hear deeply. Listen carefully. See it with your heart by the Lord. Let it sink down into your ears as Jesus says.

Seriously, there is no myth, lie or error that the Lord would ever ever have His abiding disciples believe. The lies are for the liars. The truth is for the truthful.


September 10, 2015 Thursday

"A little about the 'ole idea': The New World Order
The Kingdom of the BEAST Revelation 13 and its
relationship with Ancient Babylon Genesis 11- to today's United States of America
and the rise of the BEAST Globalist One World Government that is emerging.
The Builders that reject the Cornerstone-Jesus for their antichrist leader of the Dragon.
They are the builders that build religious temples, synagogues and churches.
The "Church" that Jesus builds is not made by hands. It is people that God inhabits through the Spirit.
Jesus the Shepherd leads His true disciple, sheep, followers OUT.
Genesis 11; Revelation 13-18.

"Builders that reject the head of the corner", Check the Word of God.
Jeremiah 50-51; Isaiah 47, Isaiah 13. Revelation 19.


September 9, 2015 Wednesday
STA_304_+ttpr (Issued Warning-8-30-15)

"Being led by the Spirit"
Directed by God.
Basics requirements..
"The Workers of Iniquity" 21 times in the Word.
Cain, Korah, Esau, Dathan, Baalam, Saul the Rebel, Jannes and Jambres, Demas, Alexander the coppersmith,
The adversaries of the LORD, the carnal, the lover-friends of the world, Archons of the synagogues Lk 13, Mk3.
Walking pleasing before the Lord with His witness and joy,
quenching the Spirit and grieving God.


September 8, 2015 Tuesday
"Exhilaration of Marriage, Sex & Love--God's Idea"
b. Paul the apostle of Jesus multiple "commands"
to avoid and mark those who walk not as Paul and are disorderly taking money and food
from brethren.
Pharisee Pastors are defunct examples that disobey the Lord and Paul's example
2Thessalonians 3:6-14


September 7, 2015 Monday
"Four Disturbing Things: 'Outside knockers', Fallen away, Give-ups and those Departing"
Matthew 7:21+
Luke 13:24+
2Thessalonians 2:3
Matthew 24:9-10; Matthew 13:6+
Jude 1:11 ; 1Peter 4:1+
John 10: Do you understand the parable?


September 5, 2015 Saturday
STA_301 Full message
"Blind guides leading the blind" The non-disciples of religion.

Disciples of Jesus are not blind.
Jesus is not blind.

Matthew 15:12 on...
The Pharisees,
what Jesus said...
1.  every plant not planted of the Father will be plucked up.

2. " Let them alone" is more than what the translation seems to pro pose. aphiemi

Let go, abandon, go from,
same word used as with forgive, when something is forgiven, it is let go,                           Isaiah 29:10-13
God shut their eyes, they were blind....the false leaders who were hypocrites.                                                               Ezekiel 34.
Note the woes to the false shepherds and all that God said of them.                                                              John 10. 
This is a parable explained by Jesus.  Obvious undeniable connection to Ezekiel 34.
Note that sheep will not follow "strangers". 
the Shepherd Jesus leads the sheep "out".
Jesus on the hirelings...

No overlords in the Kingdom of God.  One Lord Jesus...                                                                   1Peter 5:1-3; Mark 10:42...; Matthew 20:25+; Mt 23:8-10; Luke 17:20-23 (four explanations that KOG is not visibly represented)

To remain under other masters or overlords is to be in disobedience to the teaching instructions of Jesus.
To disobey Jesus and follow men who are disobeying Jesus is to be the blind that follow the blind guides.  Both will fall into the ditch.

There is no way around this.
Why would a disciple of Jesus disobey Jesus and follow a man?  They aren't His disciples.  They are following "strangers" and hirelings which Jesus disciples do not follow.


In Matthew 13 regarding the tares which the devil had sown among the wheat...
the servants of the Master had asked if they should "gather them up" but the Master said no, because they may inadvertently pluck up wheat.  But, He said, that the reapers, the angels, will first gather them up to be taken, removed, bundled, for destruction of burning at the end of the age.

In all of this, we know that the Lord does not say be silent against the false shepherds or against the false teachers, apostles, prophets, "pastors" or brethren, but He says we are to reprove,rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine...we are charged and commanded to do this.  No, we are not to kill them as the religious zealot Judaizers did in killing all the prophets and servants of the Lord, including Jesus, and His disciples, but we are to proclaim the truth from the roof top.

If you are following or are part of a membership of a corporate religious center called a church, then you are in disobedience and contrary to the Word of God.

See for yourself, there is no such thing as "going to church".  Check the Word.  Do a search.  Get out your concordance.  Look look look.  It is not there. 

But, you will find that a "synagogue" is a place of worship by definition.

Places where "church" are in scripture are from the Greek word "ekklesia", which is an assembly, congregation of people.  Living people.

There are congregations and assemblies of the righteous.  And there are congregations and assemblies of the dead, wicked and unrighteous.

But, there is no such thing as a "church" that is a place as in today's custom/tradition in the Word of God. 
You've been duped.

The same people that killed Jesus and persecute His followers built the "churches".  They have titles, are professional hirelings, they introduce false doctrine, censor Jesus and the Spirit of God, they promote idolatrous holidays and customs on and on as described in the Word especially Matthew 23.

There are people that are in these wicked systems of religion that have a semblance for the Lord, but they are in the clutches of death though they know it not.  All of them can pick up their bible and read and see the contrast between what the Word says and what their "church" says.    They can seek the face of God and hear the voice of the Shepherd and they can hear what the master of their church says Pastor so and so and they are different in deed.  Hmmm...a horrible thing to forsake the LORD the Fountain of Living Waters for Pastor Broken Cistern who can not contain any Waters that are from God.

The Word of God is Living and powerful.
The word of man is dead and powerless. 

Luke 13.
Acts 13.

1John 4:6 
Matthew 21:42-45.

Proof in the pudding is whether one will receive correction by the Word of God.  Yeah or nay? 

If you have set a man titled a pastor over you then you are doing exactly what Jesus said NOT TO DO.
You show that you are not a disciple for you are following a stranger.
You demonstrate and prove you prefer the institutions of the devil, the synagogue of Satan, over the being part of the assembly of the righteous in Jesus.

A disciple does not follow strangers.  They do not follow hirelings.  They do not exalt a man in a position that is solely for Jesus Himself per Matthew 23:8-10.

I have met some that are in churches.  They are confused.  They are immature.  On one hand they know that the church system is wrong.  They are trying to help and make things right.  But in reality, they have been leavened.  These people in which I mention are not aware of any false teaching, group, false prophets, ministries or even that the most obvious examples such as Billy Graham, Rick Warren, Rick Joyner, C Peter Wagner, and all of the denominations are globalists part of the one world Order.  NWO...the BEAST of Revelation 13.

When you are part of a denomination, you are part of a corporation, which is a non-living person.  You are part of the various groups such as World Council of Churches that band all the religions into one false doctrine and all.
Leaven cess pot.

God calls you out.  Jesus leads you out.  But you say no.  I am sitting here on my pew. 

(More...Lord willing...
listen short 30 minutes
listen full message 34 minutes

September 3, 2015 Wednesday
"Alarm, warning, Trumpets, sirens, lights flashing. Loud voice, quiet voice"
Prepare yes, but make sure...
Prepare your spirit, heart, emotions, mind and passions!
Titanic Woe: They thought it was time for pleasure, party, leisure and ease:
But5, no, it was the hour with the brush of death. Not rightly assessing the hour of danger's reality.

Many are the woes of this day.
Most will never see it coming (as the days of Noah and Lot)

Most that even see it coming will not do anything to prepare.
Most will be lost.
Many will fall away because they had no delight in the LORD's warning.

Chinese warships off Alaska
Russian warships off US nuke sub areas at sea
Dow Jones stocks forming "pennant", consolidation for break out.

Look for yourself on charts.
Note this story of advisor to ex-prime minister of UK, Damian McBride warns to buy water, food and have arrangements to meet family when chaos arises
when Markets collapse. This was a man mocked by the unprepared masses. This man sounds simple wisdom by his limited perceptions that are accurate in this wise.
Note, this man is an advisor to a National leader and has experienced with the Treasury of the UK. A man of well knowledge and experience. And he foresees this danger 20 times worse the crash of 2008-and following. Many voices are offering warning. Are you one that mocks, laughs and changes the channel to a lewd comedy of the day? Laugh on.


September 1, 2015 Tuesday
STA_299_"About Noah" and scripture.
Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.
the earth was filled with corruption, wickedness, violence and
the thoughts of men were only evil continually. Like today?
Scripture preached before the gospel that all nations could be forgiven
and become heirs with Abraham by faith.
Scripture is alive for it speaks.
Scripture has an author. It is God.
Scripture has a major subject, the volume of the book speaks of Jesus.
Scripture is the Word of God.
Scripture is inspired by God.
Scripture is all being fulfilled and can not be broken.
Scripture is the foundation in which you can trust and stand on.
Scripture has no allegiance to any religion, group, schism, sect, 501c3 corporation or group of religious people.
Scripture is free. No need to write a check, use your credit card or paypal. No need to join a group, church or synagogue called churches today.
Pick up your copy and hear God's voice today. Draw near to Him, cleanse your hands and hearts. Do what He says.
You will be glad you did. Sorry if you don't

Issued Warnings by Trevor Davis
More continuing market decline US and worldwide.
Dow Jones down almost 500 points again today.
Listing announcements


August 30, 2015 Sunday
STA_298 "Issued Warning"
Be Warned.
Hear wisdom and do it.
Everyone will be effected one way or another.

Ex-president of US had a reporter-investigator-spy find information by hacking.
US and British agencies upset by information discovered calling it a breach.
"Spy-investigator" murdered 5 years ago. Put in body bag.
Assange whistle blower worried he may be executed by US drone.


August 26, 2015--Wednesday
STA_243- "Cain, What is his problem?"
The ongoing war between sons of Satan and sons of God.

US Stock Market (Dow Jones) has its first "up day"
in 6 trading days.
Down about 10%.
Monday August 24, 2015 historic drop in an "intra day" trading. Note.
Art work investors seek "liquidity", cash, during crashing markets. Looking for cash to cover margin calls. Note.

Note danger and Warning.
Take action.
Get counsel and evaluate counsel for its truth.
Ship has struck the iceberg and is taking on water. Put the preserver on. Get out of harm's way. Protect assets.

Realize that a plummeting market is just beginning and will eventually effect everyone and everything due to massive losses.
Cities, Counties, states and nations. Retirements, pensions, investment, inheritance, real estate holdings, companies and corporations will take on huge losses and cut back or even fail.
Crime and panic will ensue.
Venezuela today and food shortage and upheaval that is occurring. Coming to a town near you.


August 24, 2015--Monday
"God is Judging and Here is Why"
God has told us we were going to see mighty judgments...

Global Markets Tumble
Largest "intra day decline in history" in Dow Jones/stocks
Advisor to Gordon Brown previous leader of UK Treasury; urges "get cash, food and water, be prepared.
What is coming is 20 times worse than 2008".


August 21, 2015
STA_149+ I pledge Allegiance to the LORD.
Folly to give allegiance to nationalism of the world.
Pray for those in civil leadership yes. Entangle in the theater no.
God sends the leaders. Wicked leaders for wicked people. Upright leaders for upright people.
He sets up one and sets down another. He gives sight and blindness. Raises up and destroys.
Job 12:10-25
Understand: key point made in the audio; Thesis, anti-thesis equals synthesis. This is the agenda.
Salt that has lost its savor/saltiness is good for nothing but to be thrown out. Then, men trample it under their feet.
Look out Christless saltless "Christians" in name only. The agenda is underway to synthesize into the snare.

Allegiance belongs to the Lord for He bought us with His own blood.

His Kingdom has no end. The Kingdoms of this world shall become the LORD'S and His Christs.
The rebels shall be routed.

More stock market fear, panic and decline on global scale.
Currencies, commodites and markets down. Bear market. Falling prices.
Note the stories herein from August 11, 2015 which forecast this event by the LORD.
Look at a chart of the Dow Jones Industrial avg. Charts are pictures of price in history.
Smart money knows when to sell.
Sell first buy later after it falls. "Shorting". Generally faster earnings than buying low selling high.
Ignorant public buys and holds through losses.
Most will lose lots of money, capital, jobs, homes...
Some will prosper.

Arizona Sherif told that drug cartels control areals of US soil even within 30 miles of Phoenix.


August 20, 2015
STA_122_Tsunami; and new AVALANCHE;
God warns both the righteous (those who believe and obey Him)
And, God warns the wicked.
The warnings come from God's mouth and are declared by His friends.

Friend or Foe?
What the friends of the Lord enjoy.
What the Enemies and Adversaries enjoy too.

Colorado earthquake today.
More talk about California's certain coming Quake.
Stocks "tumble" again, and 'more stocks are down than up'.
Viet Nam devalues currency for the 3rd time this year.
China continues slide.


August 19
STA_235_The Eye & the Plummet
Straight and upright vs crooked
Albity to judge, discern, distinguish, evaluate, perceive, know, understand in true wisdom that is of God. It is all based from the heart and clean abiding in the Lord.
The opposite is to be blind.
The majority follow blind guides that lead the blind into the ditches.
The Lord is not blind. Follow Him.

More on criminals running for presidential office;
Mad scientists creating non-thinking brain in laboratory.
Drones the size of a fingertip.
UN to allow Iran to inspect their own nuclear facilities;
China and Russia to conduct largest ever joint military exercise.
Planned Unplanned Parenthood slices through living fetus' face to extract brain.

God's Creation", word heard from Lord today.


August 18, 2015

STA_181_"Why So Many are departing for lies and myths"
April 6, 2012
The flesh stinketh!
Insistence for Myths
Resistance to Truth...
*Marks of immaturity and error*
(Backsliddenness leads to not sanctifying the LORD Who is Holy, True and Separate, which leads to toleration and compromise with other gods, gospels, worldliness and sin; which leads to deception, which then leads to delusion and a reprobate mind in which the whole world will lie in wickedness and worship the Dragon and the Beast...) Take heed!
To The Point Report:
Chinese Financial Markets tumble 6.2% overnight despite 'cash injection'.
And, WSJ reports article that "United States does not have 'ammo' when the next economic crisis occurs".

August 15, 2015
Prophecy: "Thus says the LORD, I will interrupt your program with My fierce judgments...Fear Me !"
and, replay STA_123 from 2-26-2010 with the same message from the LORD.

Crude Oil Commodities price falls to 6 year low. Trevor replays August 11th TTPR report with the actual
event of writing a letter to a Real Estate Broker in Montana about the coming change to the economic environment and falling stock market through a support. Later that day
this letter came to pass on headlines. Trevor Davis simply reports what happened. (Jn 15; Jesus reveals to His friends what He has heard from the Father)
Similarly, as in forecasting the real estate market crash in 2004-2005 where "professionals" touted endless prosperity. This was as Trevor left Orange County California in June 2005 to relocate in Montana.
Later in 2007; Trevor again warned international audiences of a "cresting wave" that would ripple across the world.

Trevor in the (sponsor) portion of the broadcast urges careful decisions whether buying, selling or investing in real estate and the ultimate importance of location.
Trevor mentions several choice opportunities and the great idea to form partnerships to take hold of them. He urges to work together in agreement and utilize others skills for the common good of others. Get away from greed and move in simple wisdom that is beneficial to others.


August 14, 2015
Basic Principles as Following the Leader as a child, God speaking to a Stony heart or heart of flesh?
Stubborn versus yielding
You yield, you will yield (a harvest to happy pleasure of the Father)
Law Vs grace

Faithless vs faith that enters His Rest.
The ones that die without entering are the ones who do not know His ways and always error in their hearts.
Non-friends. Butt heads all the time. Speak foolishly. Are contrary to the Lord in everything. God withdraws.

Seed is a process of God. As the Word is good soil of the heart

Listening, hearing and doing?
If not, the Word is not applicable to you in its promises. You are disqualified.
John 15
Jesus does speak to us. We are to follow and yield.
He calls us His friends if we obey Him.
Then, we will be shown things by Him.

August 13, 2015
"Don't look back!"
That is what the LORD put in my heart to share today.
1Cor. 9:24-27 Run the race to win!
I share a dream the Lord gave me in 1981 and in the morning gave me this text to confirm.

Hebrews 12.
Lk 9:58-62
Lk 17:32 "Remember Lot's wife".
Matthew 3: John in the spirit of Elijah preparing the people for the 1st coming of the Lord. Now the servants of the Lord speaking in the same spirit for the 2nd Coming of Jesus.
NOte that the people came outside the religious system to hear the lord, repent, and be baptized in repentance confessing their sins! Get real.
Note what John said to the Pharisees and scribes.
Note how John viewed himself before Jesus. that is the attitude of anyone that truly knows Jesus!
It's all about Jesus ladies and gentlemen.
"This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased...Hear ye Him!


August 12, 2015
This audio is the Living Word of God being proclaimed. Hear or don't hear. Be of God or don't be of God. Obey or disobey. Submit to the King Jesus or choose the dung of disobedience as Paul pointed out in Philippians 3.
Note Jesus teaching in Matthew 23. Look at the dynamics of the hypocrites who ruin people's lives; block people from entering the Kingdom of God having chosen hell for themselves already. The con men who rip off poor little old widows. Who love the praise of men rather than God! Absolutely incredible as they are so base in their corrupted value system.
They are not brothers but false masters. Dogs.
Remember, the more you eat chicken nuggets the more you will despise real chicken.
The same is true spiritually.
The more you sit under the influence of rebellious men who are professional religious masters that spew leavenous doctrine, the more you will not relate to the Word of God.
Listening to this will expose whether you be in the faith or not.
Also note what is the dung and the abomination the LORD hates.
Then there is that which is His delight. One can't be both.


August 8, 2015
This audio comes out of my own delighting in the LORD. To hear Him. To receive from Him. I simply share it urging you to do the same.
Delighting in God. Delighting in His Word. The LORD Himself is our "exceeding great reward"!
Are you God's friend? Are you His adversary?
Hear the Father. The Father also said to hear My Son in whom I am well pleased.
Did you know that the Lord is molding you into the image of His dear Son Jesus? Romans 8.
He is well pleased with Jesus. Is He your life? Galatians 2:20.
Is Jesus alive and well in you?
Plus, a few stories in the To The Point Report: Isis and ISIL funding by United States. Also British and US forces dropping supplies to these supposed enemy. Read it for yourself.


August 7, 2015
Clearly, the LORD has instructed these two audios today.
This is one of the those times when God sets Himself prepared to execute judgment in the earth.
Brace yourself in Jesus.

(Sound effects provided by the Father)
Today's Broadcast:

A Dark Day (STA#31)
March 2008
This audio was recorded live outside in a field in Cleveland TN March 2008.
I had just returned from the Caribbean with my last offshore ministry to date.
You can hear the LORD so sovereignly involved with this message.
This was quite profound indeed.


"The Time of Vengeance"
Upon Wicked Babylon
August 29, 2010
+ vital

STA_264"Hear Jesus!"
plus, new exhort for today:
"Yes Lord. Whatever you say!"
That means you submit.
It means you trust Him. He knows best and is always right.
It means you know He cannot lie. He is always truthful.

Are you a friend of God? If you hear Him and obey then you are His friend. Did you know that Abraham believed God and was counted righteous? Therefore, God called him HIs friend.
Delight in the Lord. Hear Him. Be instructed. Watch what He does in your life. It is WONDERFUL.
plus To The Point Report: Headlines : Major fund manager warns of financial crash. Also, more news on Planned Non-Parenthood selling dead baby parts for mad scientist experiments growing organs in RODENTS.
Heard across North America via 5850 kHz at 500pm MT tim

STA_150 "Dancing with the Heretics from Hell"
plus, new exhort for today: on going backwards: never to fall and how to surely fall. Also, on Proverbs 1-3 spirit of seeking , applying, instruction from LORD. Wisdom, instruction, knowledge, understanding...; Hearing Jesus; being taught by Him, being a lerner of Jesus: Ephesians 4:20-22.

plus To The Point Report: Headlines : Rumors of war by Israel and Iran. Drones to hack computers, 94% of Planned Parenthood is Planned non-parenthood by abortion. See how they lie?
August 5, 2015
Heard across North America via 5850 kHz at 500pm MT tim

STA_265 plus To The Point Report: Headlines and special note from Trevor on historic events relived soon; and a short exhort Sounding The Alarm on receiving instruction from the LORD, path of the just as a shinging light burning brighter and brighter whereas, the wicked walk in darkness stumbling endlessly over what they can't see.
August 4, 2015
Heard across North America via 5850 kHz at 500pm MT time.

STA_255 God's broken Heart (below) plus new exhort from Malachi 2 how God's feelings disregarded and unknown by men. God denied glory and righteous seed by men being "treacherous in spirit" with their wives!
God ripped off! Take heed to your spirit men.
July 29, 2015
Heard across North America via 5850 kHz at 500pm MT time.

Those who abdicate their own spiritual responsibilities trusting in others to test the fruit; and
Those who are not confident in ther relationship with the Lord and short-circuit what He says and shows them.

July 24, 2015
Heard across North America via 5850 kHz at 500pm MT time.
Broadcast version with STA_236"Abdicate" warnings plus new exhort from today, "repent 'lords' over God's heritage; the ark is specific--it is Jesus, cast down imaginations, vain things, bringing thoughts to the obedience of Jesus; Jereimiah 15: the curse of trusting in men whether secular or religious masters; and rebellion is reaching its starts in the heart, but is fortified by various alliances, religions and agendas."

Things warned about in the Word not heard in Churchland generally.
July 21, 2015
Heard across North America via 5850 kHz at 500pm MT time.
Broadcast version with STA_253 "Vigilant" warnings

The Heart determines the state
plus new audio presented today about "diligence".
July 19 2015
Heard across North America via 5850 kHz at 500pm MT time.

The Commission!
July 18, 2015

(WRMI version)
with To The Point Report as broadcast on 5850kHz

Ro. 8:29-
Matthew 22
Ro. 1:17

Jn 8:29
2Tim 2:4
plus strong exhortation to
religious broadcasters of LBN
Lying Broadcasting Network and Leaven Broadcasting Network
July 15, 201

(WRMI version)
with To The Point Report as broadcast on 5850kHz

Ephesians 5;
Ephesians 4
Luke 13
Matthew 13
July 11, 201

(WRMI version)
with To The Point Report as broadcast on 5850kHz

Wrap Up!

Full Version as Broadcasted 7-7-14
shown below.
WRMI shortwave 5850 MT time Every day.

Trevor Davis prepares to launch international Shortwave broadcasting with this broadcast.
Watch for Sounding The Alarm
on WRMI across North America.
Sponsored by REALTY REPORT NETWORK by Trevor Davis
30 minute broadcast includes To The Point Report with Trevor Davis--highlight news.
this audio is rich in cited scripture.
The righteous in Christ shall understand. The wicked shall not understand. Dn 12:10
this is the time when the Word of God comes,
hear and comply perfectly
or, it shall fall upon you and grind you to powder.
Mt 21:42-45; Revelation 19:19; Acts 13
Mt 3; 2 Cor 11
July 2, 201

JESUS the RULER of all Creation
Col. 1:14-19
Mt. 23:8-10
Mk 10:42, Mt 20:25, 1Ptr 5:1-3
Mt 21:42-45

June 11, 201

The Testimony of Jesus
The Wind of False Prophets

Rev 1:2,9; Rev 12:13; Rev 19:10, 13
Jeremiah 23
1Tim 4; 2Peter 2; Romans 16:17
1Tim 4; 1 Tim6; 2Pe 3; 2Pe 2

"For who hath stood in the counsel of the LORD,
and hath perceived and heard his word?
who hath marked his word, and heard it ?" Jer 23:18
Fall upon the Rock; do What Jesus says.
Filter the foolish falsehood of the liars that twist His Word
Proverbs 30:5-6
The Word/Testimony of Jesus is PURE.

May 31, 2015


wrmi broadcast versions

STA_150 plus new exhort ttpr on artificial inteniligence: Joel army?
July 27-15


The Refining of the
Last Days
Daniel 12:10; Eph 4
2Tim 2:5; Pv 21:16;
Jn 8:47, Mt 21:42-45, 1Sam 15
Jn 8:31; Acts 13
God giving everyone a last chace to obey His voice.

May 21, 201

The Rebels of Religion
Censor, Silent, Seduce
Take Heed: Beware
The Same Is True Today:
The Snare is Set:
Psuedo Christs
Pseudo Prophets
Pseudo apostles and on.
They are here!
2Cor 11; Ga 1
Pv 30:5-6; Lk 13:21; Rev 17
Acts 13
Mt 24:5, 24
May 16, 2015

Remedy For Worldwide LEAVEN
Sitting at the Feet of Jesus'
Continue with Momma Leaven
Luke 13:21
Matthew 11:29
May 9, 2015

The Kingdom of God

Mt 21:42-45
Psalms 2;Rev 19

May 9, 2015


"The Temple-The Temple-The Temple
The Church-the Church-The Church"

The House that is called by My Name, says the LORD,
Has been made into a den of theives and robbers!"
Gospel Merchants
People being bought and sold as fodder
Jeremiah 7
Matthew 21:42-45; Lk 6:46; Mk 4:23-25, Mt 7

May 1, 2015


"No Comprehende",
say those in DARKNESS

And Light has come into the world and darkness comprehends it not!
John 1:5
Proverbs 22
Matthew 21:42-45; Lk 6:46; Mk 4:23-25, Mt 7
2Cor 6:14;
Mk 3; James 4:4, Phil 3:18-19

April 22, 2015


"Hear Jesus"--
The Woe Unto Babylon
(Her Image Is In New York Harbor)
God Shall Punish The World
For Their Evil

Isaiah 13
Mk 13; Mt 24; Luk 21
Rev. 3:14-22;
Rev. 13;16-19
April 27 , 2015

The Killing of the lambs
Religion has always killed the lambs of God.
Religion is feeding poisoned doctrine, tradition and immoral example to lambs today.

James 4:8
Jeremiah 4:1-4
Matthew 13
1Corinthians 5:6-8
1Thessalonians 2:14-16
The call to remove LEAVEN and THORNS from the heart.

April 3, 2015


The Eclipses of the SON
Tragic Ramifications of Darkness
By Those Choosing Anything or Person
To Stand In Front of Jesus the Son of God!

Ezekiel 34

Acts 20:20-36
Luke 13:22-29;
Matthew 23:8-10
Matthew 20:23-25
Luke 11:33-36
1Peter 5

March 20, 2015


ECLIPSE: . an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it
and the observer or between it and its source of illumination.

Taking the "SHOCK"
out of the choice to go to hell...
2Corinthians 13:5
Matthew 7:21
Matthew 21:42-45
Matthew 7, Luke 6
Romans 8:7; James 4:4
Luke 13:23-29
Mark 9:43-50

March 31 2015

Walking In Agreement and Pleasing
To our Father and Lord Jesus

Amos 3:3
March 26, 2015

From Kingdom of God
Into corrupted religion

History of God's Broken Heart
Repeated by today's institutional
"Churches of Christianity"

Ezekiel 6-14
1Peter 4:17-18
Mt. 11:16
Rev. 3:19, 22
1Cor. 10; Jude, Hebrews 3

March 11, 2015

--Decide Time Underway--
Hear the Lord or not hear.
Follow the Lord or not follow.
Choose Christ or choose religious systems.
Last Days passing by
Psalms 32
Isaiah 65:12; 66:4
March 10 2015*
(major previous marker date of this ministry)


Wolves shall come
And have come for 2,000 years

Jesus, Paul and Peter
warn to "watch, be vigilant..
Why did Paul spend 3 years' warning everyone night and day with tears',
yet, today's "church leaders" rarely warn of wolves in sheep's clothing?

And, the "perverse" teachings which divert from the truth?

1Peter 5:8, 23 other texts in the NT
Acts 20:27-35
February 20, 2015



Religious World of Myths ,
gods and goddess rites
of Christianity

-Truth Perished-
February 14, 2015



P S A L M S 2:
Complicit Conspirators

Warning of certainty
February 11, 2015

The Message of JESUS to John, to us
--that GOD IS LIGHT--
(in Him is no darkness at all!)
1John 1:5
February 7, 2015

The Babylon Storm
and the
Near-sighted Religionists

-Matthew 16-

January 31, 2015

MARK 13:
Jesus 4 Warnings & Outline
of the Unprecedented Times At the End.
TAKE HEED; WATCH, Pray and do what He say
May 7, 2015

The Word of the LORD:
Luke 13--
Isaiah 1
Amos 5
Isaiah 55
the parables of Jesus on the Kingdom

Universal Call To Repent
The Adversarial Nature of Religion
Hypocrisy, Doctrines of men, Despising the acts of God and His Word
False Exalted Lords ruling the religious people (archons; archisynogogos; or rulers of churches)
The Corrupted State of the "Kingdom of God" per Jesus' parables
The Woman: The Great Whore who took leaven and "hid" it among 3 measurs of meal till it was all leavened. Rev. 1:1; 17-18.
The need to set the Lord as the sole Teacher; fall upon His Authority and obey Him; come out from amongs them and be ye separate says the LORD.
April 11,, 2015

The Heart determines the state

April 16, 2015

S P O O F:
Outsiders knocking, weeping |
on the other side
Luke 13:21-25
April 18, 2015

Jesus Is Building His Assembly
Out of Living Stones

with Bill Ziegler
January 21, 2015 (NEW)

--Be Persuaded--
By the Terror of the LORD:
O Pharisee
religious franchisers
December 29 , 2014

September 4 , 2014

What's his problem?
September 1 , 2014

T r u t h
of God

August 25 , 2014

Into the false gospel soup
Why so many "christians" are so accepting
of false gospels and false ministries contrary to
Galatians 1

July 26 , 2014

The Eye And The PLUMMET
A Personal Message To Individual "Christians"
June 24, 2014

Don't Go Anywhere Without The Lord Jesus--
especially earth!
"Be not like them..." Jesus--Matthew 6
True authority comes through submission.
The FOOL. The World is fool of them.
The Fool has said, "there is no God".

The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
John 5:30;
"I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge:
and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will,
but the will of the Father which hath sent me."

Note all the religious people who rely on their own self, for their own will. What does this say about their judgment?
May 16, 2012

REVISITING a prophecy (2006-2007)
and the prophetic Word of God

"The United States Shall Be Broken
Into A Thousand Pieces"
(by the LORD)
Jeremiah 18-19; Isaiah 30:14; Psalms 2:9


Scripture's Warning Coming To Pass
Apostate Religious Leaders
Joining With Heretics For
Politics, Money, Fame and other Secret Agendas

The Priests and Prophets of Babylon
April 15, 2012

(Sound effects provided by the Father---)
By special request from Gerry
A Dark Day

This audio was recorded live outside in a field in Cleveland TN March 2008.
I had just returned from the Caribbean with my last offshore ministry to date.
You can hear the LORD so sovereignly involved with this message.
This was quite profound indeed.

May 16, 2012

Don't Go Anywhere Without The Lord Jesus--
especially earth!
"Be not like them..." Jesus--Matthew 6
True authority comes through submission.
The FOOL. The World is fool of them.
The Fool has said, "there is no God".
The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
John 5:30;
"I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge:
and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will,
but the will of the Father which hath sent me."

Note all the religious people who rely on their own self, for their own will. What does this say about their judgment?

Mann of God Shows by Elisha
in Bozeman Montana

audio 1.Intro
audio 2. 2nd Coming
audio 3. Stop Sinning and do the will of God
audio 4.Matthew 24--Isaiah 66__whos taken
audio 5._EDDO _1_ Eve
audio 6. "Eddo"
audio 7. "Eddo 3"
audio 8. Obama Inauguration: Historic re-enactment w Trevor Davis
audio 9. Babylon Identified w Trevor Davis
audio 10. Two Beasts of Rev. 13 identified w Trevor Davis
audio 11. 2nd Beast False Prophet pt 2 revealed w Trevor Davis
audio 12. Last week of Daniel's Prophecy
audio 13. The people that make appointments without watches
audio 14. Further evidence USA is Babylon
audio15. Second Coming of Jesus when all kindreds will wail because of Him
audio 16. More on the kingdom of Babylon with Trevor Davis
audio 17. OLYMPUS has fallen and continues to fall w Trevor Davis
audio 18. The Generation that sees the fulfillment of Jesus Words (Ps 90:10-14)
audio 19. The poor: the chosen of the LORD.

Rebroadcast: July 23, 2015
MGS: #8a Inauguration of Obama, abortion, idolatry:
What Zeus, Hitler, Obama and Satan have in common!

North America via 5850kHz 500pm MT; 930MT 9925kHz Caribbean Central America


Micro-chips, RFID, and the mark of the Beast

w/ Mike Bradford
US Military chipping its own, First the animals then the public; HR 3200 pg 1,000+ on mandated implant devices for public(?) by 3-2013.

Exhort on Noah, Lot and Mrs. Lot.
Off the mark "watchmen" administering self-preservation and fear in order to sell their wares.
Gospel Peddlers 2Cor 2:17; except, they often don't mention the gospel or Jesus for that matter.
Discern, watch and perceive. Look up and rejoice in the LORD.

May 9, 2012

READ article CHIPS

Back To Basics!--Jesus

(He will keep you unto the end)
eliminate filters, mediators, insulations...
He must increase, we must decrease...
May 4, 2012


May 1, 2012
Matthew 23--
Jesus on Pharisaical Religious Leaders
Dynamics of Hypocritical Religious--
Extortion; Hypocrisy, Upside down judgment, Vanity,
Loving honor of man, greetings, title, goofy religious appearances in clothing, works motivated for men's response, calculated manipulation of religious audiences...
Playing a religious part, Murderers, Resisting, Opposing the one's sent by God,
James on respecting the wealthy in appeareance yet
despising the wealthy in spiritual reality (James 2)
Delighting in God; not the things God gives...
On real faith and evil hearts of no-faith..

GO--go out into the fields of harvest
that are ripe already in Jesus' name!
with Mike Bradford
May 1, 2012

REVISITING A prophecy (2006-2007)
and the prophetic Word of God

"The United States Shall Be Broken
Into A Thousand Pieces"
(by the LORD)
Jeremiah 18-19; Isaiah 30:14; Psalms 2:9


Assembling As The Assembly
of the LORD

(What it means to "assemble")
with Bill Ziegler
April 19, 2012

Pseudo Religious 'Skyscrapers'
Coming Down! (pt 1
w/ Mike Bradford (Revival Fire/Consuming Fire Radio)
April 17, 201

Observing the Last Days (pt 2)
w/ Mike Bradford (Revival Fire/Consuming Fire Radio)
April 17, 2012


The Priests and Prophets of Babylon
April 15, 2012

--The SARX--
The Great Enemy of Man
And God
That must be destroyed

April 11, 2012

Why, O Why Are So Many
Professing Christians Departing
The Truth (Jesus) for lies?

The flesh stinketh!
Insistence for Myths
Resistence to Truth...
*Marks of immaturity and error*

(Backsliddenness leads to not sanctifiying the LORD Who is Holy, True and Seperate, which leads to toleration and compromise with other gods, gospels, worldliness and sin; which leads to deception, which then leads to delusion and a reprobate mind in which the whole world will lie in wickedness and worship the Dragon and the Beast...) Take heed!
April 6, 2012

The Teaching of Jesus
on the LAST DAYS

March 26, 2012

The Whole World Under Influence of Illicit Sexual Sin
Thanks To Babylon The Great Whore-Mother of Harlots
March 16, 2012
(repaired 3-24-12)


March 12, 2012

With Bill Ziegler (Called Out
--Warning-Take Heed-Beware--per Jesus--
Leaven leavens the whole lump!
Leaven of Immoral Sins of the Flesh
Leaven Of Hypocrisy
Leaven of False Doctrine
Leaven puffs the unsuspecting unawares-1Cor.5
Be unleavened in Christ!

March 5, 2012

1.What is the gospel?
2.Believing it? Do you?
3.Appreciating the gospel.
(can't help but speak about the Lord Jesus!)
This is a key to true discernment because those who do prove it by what they do and say. Jesus is in their profession and passion. For those who don't--don't.
II. Sanctify the LORD!
Again, this is evidence who has and who has not by what agendas people are involved as in "saving America" by way of politics. Fleshly, mixture, false ungodly associations...

Being the True Church
or part of the False Choich?
Choose Time!
-- AUDIO--
February 28, 2012
With Bill Ziegler
Church Business? or the LORD's?
Spiritual leaders kings?- or servants?
Is Christ divided?
What is the name of the House of God?
Church of Jesus or"pastor" so and so?
Decision time


February 23, 2012

-Warning To the FALSE Ministries-
False Apostles, Pastors, Teachers and even false christs
Scriptural Evidences of True Ministries

February 16, 2012

Greedy Sleeping Dogs
Real Charity Faith and Good Conscience In Christ


February 8, 2012

Anti-Spirit of God--Antichrist-
the anti-anointing; led by sensual flesh or led by the Spirit of God?
The ADVERSARIES of God; The Enemies That Hate God (?)
Knowing God
Knowing About God and Jesus Christ

("The end of all things is at hand" 1Peter 4:7)
Knowing the Lord versus knowing about the Lord...

January 31, 2012


The GOSPEL Is The Word of God!

Religion Is The Words Of Men
(facts, It is written proof, what to do)

January 19, 2012

READ article

The Pharisee Franchisers:
"The Mouths That Must Be Stopped..."

Titus 1:11 Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake.
January 3, 2012
Trevor Davis shares his recent meditation in scripture as the Holy Spirit is prompting the coming heavy rebuke, reproof and correction to the heretical apostate religious world. The Word of God tells us that there will be many falling away in the last days. There are false shepherds, teachers, prophets and apostles, even false christs and gods galore. The religious masses are largely blind and too often are deceived by these deceivers. God wants to know what you want. Is it Jesus? Is it a religious social club? Because, you can have what you want, but you can't have both!
God's rebuke is coming as judgment has begun in the House of God. 1Peter 4:17-18.
God's Word of fire shall burn through the religious land and deal as a hammer to those resisting His voice.
This message appeals to the spirit and truth of the book Titus where Paul the apostle urges sound doctrine for the people. Paul calls for rebuke and correction so that the people "may have sound doctrine". Yet, in today's luke-warm religious climate, the sound words of God are rejected for the warm fuzzy words of men who are busy setting up a franchise with themselves as the rich owners. They are making their own religion from their own imagination. Truly, the LORD is bringing his fiery rebuke to the insanity of religion that is seeking to remove the savor from the salt of true Christians. Be on guard. Beware of men. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisee Franchisers who seek to be rich off the deceived masses.
Don't buy into it. Surrender to the LORD and seek Him instead. This is decision time.

The INDICTMENT of the LORD Against The Church World:
You have been summonsed!

December 28, 2011

The Passing Of Unlawful Laws In Preparation For Global Government,
Global Economy and World Religon.

(As Prophesied April 2nd, 2005--"Martial Law To Persecute Authentic Christians")
December 4, 2011

November 26, 2011
This is the Call right now.


Audio: An Analogy of the "2 Wild And Crazy Guys"
Dealing with self-deceived worshippers by the vanity of their minds.
The call to regard everything through the LORD and what He sees, feels and says.
Cody Stromberg and Trevor Davis
November 16, 2011


Doctrine of Life
Doctrines of devils...
The A P O S T A S Y
With Mike Bradford of BTR Revival Fire Radio
November 10, 2011


Stats, Status and the Headless Body Monster
(Frank N Stein Monster) Colossians 2:18-19
With Mike Bradford of BTR Revival Fire Radio
October 21, 2011

Pharisee-ism vs "Preachers"
(A scriptural Disctinction and Clarification)
October 21, 2011

There Is Only One (Christ--the Christ)
The apostasy and error of the Headless-body of professing believers.
Satan's lie in the garden. The mystics, god-want-to-be's
The parallel between the occult gospel of godhood and the manchild, Joel's Army
crowd that is Headless--not in reality submitted to Jesus Christ.
Acts 7:51: Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, you do always
RESIST the Holy Spirit.

October 5 , 2011

Proof By FRUIT!
With Dolly Webber

(Matthew 7:12-23)

August 11, 2011

Where We Are At
With Cody Stromberg

(Isaiah 33)

August 11, 2011
-The Delight of God in His "Planting"-
Isaiah 61:1-3

July 27, 2011

Broadcast with Cody Stomberg.
Cody, a compassionate man desiring to assist those living in
damaged areas from catastrophe heard the LORD ask,

"What Shelter Can You Make
That Delivers From My Wrath?"

July 1, 2011

An Exhortation:
Draw Near with a true heart--
May 30, 2011
Trevor Davis with Mike Bradford, from Joplin Missouri--which recently experienced catastrophic tornado destruction.

Destruction From The Almighty
May 25, 2011
Trevor Davis with Mike Bradford, a living witness
of God's Powerful Judgment and Deliverance,
from Joplin Missouri--which is experiencing unprecedented
destruction from tornadoes.

Dancing With The Heretics Of Hell

-Apostolic Command to Proclaim the Word-
"Reprove, rebuke and exhort with all
longsuffering and doctrine.
For the time will come
when they will not
endure sound doctrine:
but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears
And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth,
and shall be turned unto fables."
2Timothy 4:1-4

"I Pledge Allegiance..."

THE Gospel by Faith

in Jesus Christ pt1


Blog Talk Radio--Mike Bradford's Revival Fire
Trevor Davis guest:
Original Air Date: January 10, 2011


December 19, 2010

Half Baked?
Hosea 7:8


Coming soon...
-The War of the gods-
listen poor audio quality due to Skype
1Cor 8:5-6
Isaiah 43:10-13
Ps 135:15-18
Revelation 19
Zephaniah 2:11
Galatians 4:8
Jeremiah 50:2

God's Purpose of Affliction
(for the righteous)

October 15, 2010
1Pe 4:13; 1Pe 4:16;1Pe 4:19;1Pe 5:10 James 5:10 James 5:11
2Cor 1:4 (context)

Unaware of the Snare
October 2, 2010

The Kingdom is Likened to 10 Virgins---
5 that were Wise, Faithful, Prepared and Watching,
and 5 Foolish, Unfaithful, Unprepared and not Watching
All were asleep in the sense that no one shall no the day nor hour of the coming of the Son of Man.
Matthew 24:42-51; Matthew 25:1-13
September 18, 2010
Hear and understand.
See and perceive---cognitevely understand in wisdom able to grasp!

"The Time of Vengeance"
Wicked Babylon

August 29, 2010


On the Deck Of The 'Titanic'
August 12, 2010


'Weather Report'
August 12, 2010

The Line Has Been Crossed!
August 10, 2010


Mystery Babylon--Deception, Denial and Destruction Right Before our ...
"What is the word of the Lord?" 6 part broadcast on You Tube
1/6 STEVE QUAYLE ! Mystery Babylon--Deception, Denial and Destruction ... Audio Archives
Steve Quayle audio for 6/3/10 Steve Quayle's website

June 1, 2010
listen (click)

The HEART of the Matter
May 21, 2010

listen (click)

The Word of the LORD
Coming to a city near you!

May 3, 2010

Sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly before the LORD. Submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ the
King in true sincerity.
Prepare the people for the coming of the Lord. Prepare the people for the tribulations that are breaking forth.
Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

Joel 1:14; 2:15

read (Published)

Solemn Fast:
Prepared for the End

May 3, 2010 audio

The Perpetual Memorial of Appreciation
April 7, 2010

Jesus Christ Our Passover
Has been sacrificed

The Agony of fullfillment:

Publish Without Censorship
exhortation not to rely on the internet!
Get used to writing again.
Prepare written "tracts" or papers with the
Word of the LORD for the hi-ways and byways.
The plot for censorship is underway.
Be ahead. Be ready...


listen (click)

The Gospel of Rest
Additional message in a series against the Heresy of the Hebrew Roots Movement
The cross is the power of God unto those saved

1Cor. 1:18
Blessed are those who have faith and work not
Romans 4:5
-Faith in Jesus Christ- Jesus Christ is our Lawgiver: Not Moses! Acts 3:22-23
Enter His Rest and cease from your works in the flesh
Hebrews 4:10
listen (click)

Babylon In The Crosshairs
(Holy Judgment and Holy Martyrdom)
listen (click)
Hear Jesus!--Required Listening--
(Moses himself told the children of Israel that another was coming who must be heard. God Himself requires all to hearken diligently to the voice of Jesus His only begotten Son! Deuteronomy 18: 15, 17,18; Acts 3:22, 23; Acts 7:37)
Grow in grace and in knowledge of our Lord
Jesus Christ! 2Peter 3:18


Worsening Wicked World
(As the Word of God Warned)


listen (click)

Take Heed to the Warning Signs
(Let Jesus be your personal passion)


listen (click)

Tyranny for rebellion
(The world under control)


listen (click)

End of the 'program'
(Programming, secret agenda, hidden in plain sight)


listen (click)

The LORD said; he said, she said,
Moses said?
(new) Part 1
Who is a believing 'Christian' to follow?
listen (click)

The LORD said; he said, she said,
Moses said?
(new) Part 2
Who is a believing 'Christian' to follow?
listen (click)

The Sword of the LORD
is upon Babylon America
listen (click) full message hear
U Par

Adultery by Death in-LAW
listen (click)

But first...
listen (click)

(First YouTube video--intro)

listen (click)

The Power of an endless Life
(Christ our Life)

listen (click)

Withered branches...
fallen from grace
listen (click)

Walk in Him
(not works, not the Law, not blood-line genealogies; but
in Jesus Christ by the Power of God)

listen (click)

Are you IN or OUT?
listen (click)

Solemn Truth of the Hour:
Slaughter or Salvation?
(Multitudes in the valley of Decision)
listen (click)

Run to 'higher ground'
in Jesus Christ.
listen (click)

Hear My voice!
10-3-2009 .
listen (click)

Like Lightning!
Recorded this morning while driving.
listen (click)

The Crux-Core Issue
listen (click)

The Great King: Great Power!
(Be wise! Be instructed!)
listen (click)

Hide in the LORD

listen (click)
TRANSCRIPT (partial)

The LORD standing up to judge
(from a broadcast 10-19-2006)


"Who wounded you?"
listen (click)

Loving the LORD or else...
listen (click)

What to IDENTIFY to...
listen (click)

June 3 , 2009

Glimmers of Light
in Dark Times

June 3 , 2009

Gentle Quiet INTERLUDE:
Music By Dolly Webber
Quiet before the storm...enjoy the Lord Jesus

My Treasure
(I share with you)

May 14 , 2009


April 29, 2009


The Father's Heart:
"Torrents of Tears"
Joseph DaSilva

listen (click)

bitter. sweet
April 15, 2009
listen (click)

PASSOVER Experienced
listen (click)

Psalms of Safety
listen (click)

-State of Emergency-
listen (click)

What should we do?
listen (click)

listen (click)

Who Says?
listen (click)

To Serve or be served;
that is the question.
isten (click)

What's going on?

listen (click)

The Compelling Voice
listen (click)

Peter: 'putting you into rememberance...'
(Hear a man that heard the audible voice of God the Father from out of heaven;
and walked with Jesus Himself, what he has to say to you))
listen (click)

A Widow's Mite_1
Connie Hodson
listen (click)

Pay Attention!
listen (click)

listen (click)

Judas the chump of a man


The Maddening Rebellion
1-8-2009 audio
One thing that I have had in my spirit for the last couple days regarding these days is the increasing nature of the REBELLION that escalates in maddening war against the Lamb and his followers---And that is, what do you expect from politicians and peoples that see nothing wrong with the murder of unborn babies? Or, the destruction of the fetus as they call it.
  If they are so callous as to say that is proper, what won't they do and allow? 
Anyone, anything, that stands in the way of the convenience of the 'self', or their rebellious satanic agenda, stands to be executed by the mad crazed rebels of humanity.  And, I think this is the iniquity that increases and causes the hearts to grow cold.

Trevor Davis
Revelation 17:14
Revelation 19:19
The Reenactment of the past: Herod, Pilate and the 'rulers of Israel'
"He that killeth you will think that he does God service...


Monkey See; Monkey do


Hearing LOVE with Connie Hodson
from Fort Madison Iowa

December 31 , 2008

A most inportrant thing...

December 31 , 2008

Gift From ABOVE:
no strings attached...

December 25, 2008

The Scurrying Scamming Schemers
Day of Reckoning by the LIGHT

December 20, 2008


December 12 , 2008

A Place in the WILDERNESS
December 12 , 2008

(A scriptural focus)

November 24, 2008

I hope to air this in the last days via short wave

November 19, 2008


November 14, 2008


Elect the Lord
November 5, 2008


The Most Important Thing!
October 25, 2008


It is surely, verily, coming to pass!
October 24, 2008


Are you a "you"? Or, are you a "them"?
October 18, 2008
Please read Matthew 13

Danger, Danger, Danger---
It is the time---We are here!

October 6, 2008

October 2, 2008

The Feast of Teruah ( pre-Babylonian exile)

October 1st, 2008---sundown
audio (Trevor ministers while driving to visit California)

POSTED September 29, 2008

recorded 9-15-2008 audio

Amazing! And even more Amazing!

Deep Sea Diving

A Lament


Elijah's Trial
And the Saints of the Last Days

with Scotti Biscossi part 1

Elijah's Trial
And the Saints of the Last Days

with Scotti Biscossi part 2

Elijah's Trial
And the Saints of the Last Days

with Scotti Biscossi part 3

"Hear this now O foolish people "
911. 2008

"The Time I Visit"

911. 2008


Hard of Hearing
August 21, 2008

Seek Me and Live!
(Seek not-Trust not-- the old place of experience with God)

August 18, 2008

The faithful walk, true, false, Jezebel and her followers

August 18, 2008

Save me!
August 16, 2008


Sob Story

August 4, 2008

Where are you in all this?
July 25, 2008


Nation Under Judgment!
July 16, 2008

Changed from the INSIDE out

Isaiah 58-59; Luke 1:67-80; Luke 13:23-28;
Romans 12:1-2; Rev. 21:1-8; Rev. 22:12-13..

July 15, 2008

Anchored in Truth or, Lost in lust?...
(why and how people are deceived)
Ezekiel 14 Take Note!

"Take Heed that no man deceive you..."

Pastor Dan Catlin and Trevor
July 10, 2008


In Perilous Times the Lord will come!
2Timothy 3:1-5; Rev.19:19; Luke 21:35; John 16:4

The Coming Replay of the Rising Rebels Rejecting Christ:
An Opportunity Of Eternity
to be a Spokesman of the Lord

Acts 4; Psalms 2; Luke 21:12-19


Culture Caught in the Crosshairs


The abc's of news


A message from Love

A Dark Day
listen (click)

Forgetting, Forgot; FORGOTTEN
May 19, 2008

43 listen (click)

NOW Time: The Time is NOW!
(2Corinthians 6:2)
May 13, 2008

42 listen (click)

Earnestly Contend For HIM...
(Jude 3)
May 10, 2008
41 listen (click)

The AVALANCHE Of Judgment
("WAIT, LISTEN, and Psalms 50")
-True Grace/True Repentance-

May 3 , 2008
40 listen (click)

Truth Be Known!..
April 28, 2008

39 listen (click)

The Glory:
Humble Before The LORD;
Hide From The LORD
(Isaiah 2)

38 listen

Appointment Time with the Passover & Unleavened Bread Himself
Jesus Christ Our PASSOVER
Let Us Keep the Feast!
37 listen

God will guard, guide and block your way as you go...
(An interview with Maria in the Harvest Field of the LORD:
She is in her 70's but mighty to minister the gospel of Jesus
in the hiways and byways )

35 listen

The Cold Callous Culture
(Hard Hearts of Hate)
35 listen


The Audios below were broadcast from mid-January to mid-April 2008
to South, Central & North America via short-wave.

34b- Unction from St. Kitts: NO DELAYS!
33 - United States: More Sure Judgment Than Nineveh
32 - Abiding In Him; or, apostasy without
31 The Day of VENGEANCE: A Dark Day
30 - Word of the LORD to St. Kitts-(Caribbean)
- Word heard in the wind from St.Kitts
28 - Holy Day Holy Judgment
27 - Where is the power?
26 - Stand Or Fall
25 - The Bearded Lady Or Chaste Virgin
24 - Holiness at His coming
23 - Releasing people
22 - Unction of 2 men
21 - Watch Out
20 - Salted Unto the Lord
19 - Face Like Flint
18 - Great Changes Coming
17 - End Time Picture of 1000 words
16 - Light on my feet
15 - What's Coming
14 - Proper Perspective
13 - Purged Priests, Pleasant Offerings
12 - Servant Focused
11 - Ark of Grace, or Flood of Wrath
10 - Faith In The Earth?
9 - Grand Entrance By Fire Transcript
8 - RETHINK rethink
7 - The Lord Is Coming Soon
6 - The ALARM 1B
5 - The ALARM 1
4 - Intro ALARM 1B
3 - Intro ALARM 1
2 - King Final
1 - The ALARM


The Day of VENGEANCE: A Dark Day
March 15, 2008
The Word of the Lord to St. Kitts and the Caribbean
Basseterre St. Kitts West Indies
March 7, 2008

"The Severity of the Winepress of the Wrath of Almighty God"
Messiah's Branch audio #6
Listen: January 3, 2008

"The Demise of a Nation
and the Rising of the Kingdom of God"
Messiah's Branch audio #5
Listen: September 13, 2007

"Drastic Changing World:
War & Calamity"
Messiah's Branch audio #4
Listen: July 12, 2007

"A Child Shall Lead Them"
An Interview With Abbie Webber (age 11)
A poem by Abbie Webber

The WOLF Ministers In Sheepskin (The lives of the flock)
Trevor Davis

The Glory: Humble Before The LORD; Or, Hide From The LORD (Isaiah 2)
Trevor Davis

Listen: May 6, 2007 3 minutes

Listen: May 6, 2007 3 minutes

"WARNINGS TO THE WORLD with Trevor Davis" #3
Trevor Davis
Messiah's Branch audio
transcript (Coming soon)
Listen: May 24, 2007
Amos 4 Paraphrase Cited (Please Read)

"Sounding the Alarm: A warning to the world" #2
Trevor Davis
Messiah's Branch audio
Listen: May 3, 2007

"Sounding the Alarm: A warning to the world" #1
Trevor Davis

Messiah's Branch audio
Listen: March 29, 2007

O Nation Of The United States--
Will you indeed strive with the LORD?


The Alarm
These audios are the original ALARM recordings
in February 2006
Listen- Part 1
Listen- Part 2
Listen- Part 3
Listen- Part 4


(Summarized Version)
God is Judging: Here is Why
Listen to the Audio: April 28, 2006


(Trevor interview at 33 min.)
Listen July 8, 2006

    Father in Heaven I call on you. Forgive me. I turn from my sin. I believe in your Son, Jesus Christ, who died for me on a cross and was resurrected. Cleanse me through His shed blood and change me to be like Him. Fill me with your spirit and teach me. Thank you. In Jesus name ~ AMEN.


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