Ekklesia versus Church/Synagogue System
By Trevor Davis

The following is a two part article comparison between the
scriptures perspective of the assembly (ekklesia) of the Lord.


Part 2 the synagogue-church system which are identical in most ways.

Assembly of people. The House of the LORD is the people in Jesus Christ.
Operates by submission to the Lord.
Authentic Kingdom of God manifestations
Elders are authentic gifts of Christ through the Spirit.
Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher and poimen (sheep care)
Only one Shepherd, Jesus Christ per Ezekiel 34 and John 10.
Elders over-see and watch through submission; gifted to care, aid, guide to the Lord.

(Steward/stewardess as example of caring for spiritual needs but not in charge as today's Pastor master of the synagogue-church)

Submission to the Lord.
Service through and by the Holy Spirit and will of God. (not position or appointment by man)

Elders work with their hands. (commanded by Paul and Jesus) 1Th 2; 2Th 3; Acts 20:28.
OK to give to authentic elders or anyone for that matter as led by God and hilariously delight.

Testimony of Jesus is heeded and known. Spirit of prophecy what Jesus speaks today.
Hear the Spirit.
Jesus is Head of the Assembly.

The Lord builds the house.
Isaiah 66. God builds the house. The House is the Man Jesus Christ. Believers are in Him. That is the Assembly of the LORD. People inhabited by the Holy Spirit.

Sound doctrine/teaching.

Many member Body functioning. Every believer in assembly has significance and something to offer. Doctrine, revelation, song, testimony and manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit.
Seek, desire, covet, ask, stir, the gifts of the Spirit when come together and also as going out.
Separate from the secular world.
Not allied with the secular government as Psalms 2 and Acts 4 show.
Not licensed by the State. Called equipped by God solely.

Disciples to the Lord.

Not religion. Worship in spirit and truth
Changed people, transformed, renewed, new man in Christ. Set free in Jesus.


Separate from heathen practices.

Sanctifies the Lord. Separate from profane and unclean.

Sets people free through Jesus.

An assembly not schismed, divided, sect, nor cult. Not named. Non-franchise.
Not of Babylon.

Assembly of the righteous by faith.
Presence of the Lord known.

Jesus glorified.
People are the assembly.
People growing in the Lord.


Ekklesia versus Church/Synagogue System
By Trevor Davis

(part 2 comparison)

Church/Synagogue System
uses the extra-biblical term “church” and not assembly.
Church”: Is a place, building, institution, has people as members of IT, same as a synagogue.
Not Kingdom of God based. Religion.

Merchandises things of God. Sellers and buyers. 2Cor 2:17; 2Pt 2:3; Jn 2:16; Jere 7.

Clergy, clerisy, Nicolaitans. Rule over the people as with the Gentiles.
Hirelings. Hired roled- professional religious leaders.
Pharaoh leadership and bondage upon religious supporters.
Temporal builders.
Institutional, corporations, 501 c 3. Psalms 2; Acts 4, violate 2Corinthians 6.
Yoked, bonded with secular government as head.
Caesar is head of the church
Disobeys dictates of the Lord and His Word.
Titled men.
Hireling men.
Exalted master alternate christs.
Over-lords. Kata-kyrios. Mk 10:42-45; MT 20:25; 1Peter 5:1-4; Mt 23:6-12.
Cain Workers; Workers laborers of iniquity. Produce out of earth, natural, world, system, order.

They labor in vain that build out of flesh.
Builders that reject the Cornerstone.
Workers of iniquity. Cain Workers.
Distort, alter foundation built on Christ, apostles and prophets.
Natural brick and mortar institution, system, world, order.

Disciples to themselves.

Leaven and false doctrine.

People not changed. Old man. Living in flesh. Natural, base, unregenerated. Worldly.
Religious carnal natural men.
Hypocrisy. Resist, hinder and oppose the Truth.

Not pure.
Pagan holidays Christianized as ancient Israel and Judah.

Ruins lives as Pharisees and scribes. Twice the child of hell that religious blind guides.

Makes name for itself; Denominates, incorporates, divides the Body.

Assembly of sinners. Goats. Unbelievers. Flesh. Uncircumcised. Tares, thorns and thistles.
Presence of the Lord grieved, quenched and absent.
Little to no manifestations of the Spirit.
Little to no prophecy.
Little to no conviction.

Man glorified. True satanists. Synagogue of Satan.
“Church” is the system, place as synagogues

“Church” is English word based off Greek word other than “ekklesia”.
“Church” is kuriakon/kuriakos in Greek. Meaning, the lord's house. Was used for false gods, false lords. Lords many, gods many. To us there is but one God and One Lord Jesus Christ.
1Cor. 8:6

The Lord's House is spiritual made without hands. It is a spiritual habitation by the Spirit. It is people inhabited by the very presence and glory of God. It has nothing to do with an institution, building of man, as a synagogue.
Isaiah 66 declares that God does not dwell in 'houses' made by men. He looks for a man...that is contrite, broken and trembles at His Word. That is Jesus Christ. Are you in Jesus, the new man, the heavenlyman, that originates from God? This is the house of God. The dwelling place of God that God creates.
The Church World system is the synagogue system of religious professionals.
The Church is a lord's house that is not the LORD's house!
This is why there is so much bad fruit and division in the church world because it is at odds with the Kingdom of God due to its rebellious error on so many fronts.

The “Pastors”, those who rule the churches, are synonymous with the “rulers of the synagogues”; a phrase used in the New Testament. Also, the word ruler of the synagogue. These are the over-lords that are contrary to 1Peter 5:1-4; Mk 10:42-45. Pastors as rulers over churches are not of the Kingdom of God. A pastor is a poimen in Greek, that cares for sheep. This in its true sense is the gift of Christ that cares for needs of people. This does not make them an over-lord, or master over the people of God. The Kingdom of God does not operate in this fashion as Jesus instructed in Matthew 23:6-12. Believers in Jesus are brethren with one Master Jesus. The church world operates differently as the Lord is exposing. Which do you wish to be part? Choose.

The Word of God teaches there is one eternal assembly (ekklesia) of God.
There is an assembly in each city. Revelation 2-3. Each epistle of the New Testament as by Paul.

There are people that are sincere in their faith towards Jesus but are entangled in varying false forms of Churchianity, Christianity and groups, sects, schisms, divisions, and cults.

God is calling His people out and unto Jesus the chief bishop and Shepherd.

The true assemblies are those who submit to the Headship of Jesus. This is where the Kingdom of God is today. It is among the believers. It is not among those in rebellion, error and mixture that group themselves in the spirit and error of Babylon.

The traits of the synagogues are identical to those of the “churches”.
Rulers of the synagogues are the exalted master titled hireling “Pastors” that govern Churches.

They do not heed or desire the voice of the Lord. Just as ancient apostate Israel and Judah.

They incorporate into their mode of operandi the heathen holidays. Christmas, Easter and so on.

God is calling for the removing of the obstacles and stumbling blocks.

Either people heed or they do not. Either they hear or they do not. Either they comply or they will not.

Which is it?

Everything is to be burned and tried by the fire. All the wood, and stubble will be burned.