By Trevor Davis
May 2015
review Trevor Davis' first audio from 2005

[The following is from a transcript of an unrehearsed recording dated 4.02.05 and is presented in its raw format for the benefit of those who read it.]


My name is Trevor Davis.  This is April 2, 2005. 

This morning it came to my mind that I should go ahead and use a tape recorder and communicate the word that I’m hearing. 

God Warns People

In October of 2004, the scripture that says, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the Son of Man.”[i]  And what the meditation was as I meditated upon that scripture, it says also in Hebrews 11:7, “By faith Noah being warned of God as things not yet seen, moved in fear…” etcetera.  And the thing that strikes me about that scripture is that Noah was warned by God.  And he was warned about things that were not yet seen.  And, the significance of that is that he moved in fear.  And, now—is, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the Son of Man.  Life was as usual.  There was marriage, buying, selling, building, planting, eating, and drinking.  That’s life.  And up until the very day of judgment.   And there’s going to be many that do not see the signs that Jesus talked about in Matthew 10, Matthew 24, Luke 17, Luke 21, and Mark 13 specifically.  I urge you to read those scriptures and familiarize yourself with what Jesus is talking about, the second coming, the end of the age and the signs of the times.

Discern The Times

Because Jesus certainly chides the fact that people, particularly those that consider themselves spiritual people or Christians or believers, do not discern the time; that they could tell the signs of the weather, but could not distinguish the times and the signs of the times, what is taking place.[ii] So the day of the LORD is coming!   And there will be severe signs!  There will be wars and rumors of wars, pestilence, famines, and earthquakes in various places.  And Jesus said the end is not yet but these are the beginnings of sorrows. [iii]

Persecution Coming

And he also talked about persecution.[iv]   And that was the next phase.  One of the things that God had revealed, and I’ve written about this, is the severe persecution that will take place and that God’s people are not prepared at this time.  And that God wants us to prepare for the persecution.  Of course, when you’re prepared for persecution, you realize that this brings glory to God and it’s a tremendous honor.[v]   But, not to be prepared, Jesus said that many will be offended and will give up and they will betray others.[vi]  So that’s a severity.  If you’re not prepared for the day of the LORD, and things really start hitting the fan and falling apart, things that you love are diminished, you’ll be offended in your walk with God because you’re shallow.  You don’t have depth or root in yourself and you’ll be offended.[vii]  You’ll give up and then you’ll turn and come against God’s little ones.  Jesus said that it would be better for you in that day to have a millstone tied around your neck and you be thrown into the sea if you offend one of the little ones of the Lord.[viii] 

So this is a warning and an admonition that you should prepare for persecution that’s coming.   And the persecution will come from those closest to you, closest affiliations.[ix]  They, even in your own household, will be your enemy.  Remember that they killed -- the religious system killed all the prophets,[x] that Jesus was executed and even though he laid down his life,[xi] but the hands that did it were, as you’ll read in Acts Chapter 4, it was at the hands of the Gentiles and the rulers of the people of God at that time and the people.  So everyone really had a hand in it.  The Romans and the Gentiles and the people of God or the religious system.  And if they had done this to the master, a disciple is not greater than his master; they will also do so to his followers.[xii]  So just understand that.  So also we are appointed as followers of Jesus to go through the sufferings of Christ.[xiii]  So be prepared--prepare yourself, align yourself with God.[xiv] 

God is Judging

And this is another thing that God is saying, is he is saying that he is judging.[xv]  That the Lord God is standing up to judge and the Judge is at the door.[xvi]  That His judgments are severe and they’re going to be coming forth in many facets of life: financial, in the earth, in the heavens, the food, in sickness, wars, and many of these things will happen suddenly and at the same time.[xvii] 

Martial Law

And what’s going to happen is this is called the distress of nations.[xviii]  It will cause civil unrest and this is what will cause a martial law to be enacted because the governments will try to enact control and bring things under control, and this will also bring about a man of peace, the Antichrist, and a false prophet.[xix]


Those that are not prepared, and those that are not discerning, and those that are like the foolish virgins spoken about in Matthew 25 that have no oil in their lamp, will not understand and they’ll believe a lie.[xx]  Many will believe false christs, false prophets, false teachers, false ministries.[xxi] 

Falling Away

Many will fall away.[xxii]  This is what Jesus has told us.  So the LORD is saying that his judgments are coming forth into the earth.  The nation, yes, the United States, as well as the world and other nations, will be judged by God for their gross disobedience.

God Judging First Professing Believers

God’s going to start with those that profess faith in him.  

If you’ll read Ezekiel 9:6 as well as 1 Peter 4:17-18 that judgment begins in the house of God

And if the righteous scarcely be saved, how shall they that are on the outside appear?

Isaiah 1/God is grieved 

Please read Isaiah Chapter 1.  There you’ll find that God said he had raised up children and nourished them, yet they did not know Him anymore and He likened them, even a wild beast knew its master.  But though God is a master over His people, they don’t even know who He is.  He said their children were corrupt and liars, and bottom line, is God called them back, to return, to repent, and to get washed, and get cleaned, and learn to do right, learn to do well, help the widow, help the orphan.  It’s back to the simple things.  We want to be about right now what pleases God, but in this hour the LORD is saying, “Sound the alarm in my holy mountain.  The day of the LORD is at hand.”  That’s Joel 2:1.  The LORD is really ready to judge.  He’s loosing his judgments. 

Get Close To God: Hide in Him

There’s going to be many, many judgments, many different facets of judgment coming forth, and that’s why in Isaiah 26:20 you find God calling His people to come and hide in their secret chamber that they may be hid in the day of the LORD’s anger.  In Psalm 91, Psalm 46 and Psalm 32 all talk about the trouble the great earthquakes and raging sea and the mountains literally moving, and you want to be close to God.[xxiii] 

Proud Judged

And back to the judgments of God, starting with His own people, in Isaiah 2:11-12, 17, you’ll find that God is going to judge the high look, the lofty, the proud.  And there’s nothing that really offends God as much as pride.[xxiv]  Pride comes before the fall.[xxv]  God detests it, He hates it!  And we want to humble ourselves before the living God.  Humble yourself before the living God.[xxvi]  And we have made gods out of ministries.[xxvii]  The word gods is “elohim”, which means magistrate, power and authority.  We’ve made them ‘great ones’ and ‘mighty ones’.  And there’s no flesh that shall glory before the LORD.[xxviii]  No man, glory not in man, glory not in flesh.[xxix]  He that glories, let him glory in the LORD.[xxx]  So I’m just telling you as a matter of fact that God is going to judge the high look, and the pride, the ‘gods’, the elevated, the pedestal.[xxxi]  

Humble Servants

That the Lord has taught that he that is greatest among you will be the servant of all.[xxxii]  And that God’s true great ones are really washing your feet,[xxxiii] are really eating the scroll of God,[xxxiv] the Living Word, in this hour and are waiting upon Him.  They’re humble and they’re meek.  Consider Jesus, here He is, the Messiah and He rides into Jerusalem on a young donkey.[xxxv]  If we would only follow the example of Jesus, we would do things so differently.  So be prepared for this.  God says the exalted thing, the “skyscrapers”.  It’s like an analogy that God has shown me.  The man-made things that exalt themselves up into the heavens, they’re going to come crashing down and you don’t want to be standing near any ‘skyscraper’ in this hour or you don’t want to be standing near any exalted flesh or man, or entity, or church or anything-- because that which God is bringing down you don’t want to be near it!  Go to the Lord. 


The LORD is showing me there’s going to be a great exposure.[xxxvi]  In Ephesians 5 it talks about that which is done in secret, it’s even a shame to speak of those things, but the light does make manifest and God’s going to be exposing the great evils that are done in darkness and hidden because they think that the LORD cannot see.  They think that the LORD has forsaken the earth.  That He doesn’t act.[xxxvii]  And God says He hates that.  He’s going to show He acts.  And He requires it.  So look for the exposure.  You shall certainly see it.  That which is done in secret shall be shouted from the rooftop.[xxxviii]

Fear The LORD

 And this is what’s happening is the fear of the LORD is going to be established.[xxxix]  They will fear the LORD and they will regard the LORD.  Who shall not fear thee LORD when thy judgments are made manifest?[xl] 

“ALARM” Note

A note for you about this alarm that “Sound the alarm in my mountain.  The day of the LORD is at hand”.[xli]  The alarm is a device that is intended to bring attention to the people that are not aware of something and to cause you to have a response, a reaction.  It’s to cause you to run to safety.   And if I would give you an example, if you were in your house asleep and your house was on fire, the fire department would come with sirens and lights flashing and with bullhorns, and they would break down your door, and call to you to wake you up.  And certainly you would grab your loved ones and run out of the house. 

Proper Values

And this is an hour where we need to have true value on being rich towards God,[xlii] not in things of this world because the things of the world and the lusts of the world will pass away. [xliii] But the Word of the LORD endures forever.[xliv]  So the passions that are in the Body, the things that are esteemed and of value, the Lord Jesus said that which is esteemed in the eyes of man is an abomination to the LORD.[xlv]  God knows your covetousness is what Jesus said.  God knows your covetousness.   That which is esteemed in the eyes of man is an abomination to the LORD. 

Judgment And Harvest

The other thing that God has shown me that while this is the Day of Judgment and judgments, it’s also a time of harvest.  You’ll read in the book of Revelation that there are angels that are pouring vials into the earth for judgment.[xlvi]  And at the same time there are other angels that are thrusting sickles in the earth for harvest.[xlvii]  Because the Lord had said there are many that had said yes to God, but didn’t go after God, and there’s many that said they would not but shall.[xlviii]  And this is what we’re going to see in these days.  There’s going to be religious people that won’t walk with God and haven’t walked with God, but there are people that are of the world that God will reach by His grace, by His Spirit.  Hallelujah. 

“Rude Awakening”

March 10 2005 at 3:00 a.m., I was awakened.  I call this the “rude awakening”.  I was absolutely struck by the silence of that hour.  And I got up, looked out the window, and it was so silent, and it was so still it was profound.  And it seemed it was the calm before the storm and the stillness before the violent shaking.  I sense the shaking is so severe it’s like a wild animal that shakes its prey by the neck unrelentlessly and without mercy.  The sense of awe filled me and I realized that God has endured so long that suddenly He cannot hold back any longer.  He shakes his hand.  I can perceive souls crying in terror and sheer horror, as their world is devastated in smoke and ruins.  This event is so great and fierce who shall not fear the LORD when His judgments are made manifest?[xlix]  I was struck by how horrible a way to be awakened from spiritual sleep.  I am so aware myself.  I want to be where God wants me to be.  I want to be doing what He wants me to be doing.  I want to be speaking what He wants me to be speaking. 

“For this shall everyone that is godly pray unto You in a time when You may be found.  Surely the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him.  You are my hiding place.  You shall preserve me from trouble; you shall surround me about with songs of deliverance.  Selah.  I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.  I will guide you with my eye.”  Psalm 32:6-8.

Listen to this.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Therefore, will we not fear though the earth be moved and though the mountains be carried into the middle of the sea, though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with swelling thereof.  Selah.”   Psalm 46:1-3.

The Religious System

I want to talk to you a little bit about the religious system.   We understand as we read the gospels that all the prophets were executed at the hands of a religious people.[l]   The message was the cry of an individual that had heard God speak, seen a vision, and was broken over the condition of God’s people and over the heartbreak of God and would speak God’s words, yet the word was rejected.  And yet they would be opposed to the point of their death would come.  Jesus came to his own and his own received Him not.[li]  And at the hands of the Gentiles and the rulers and the people and Herod and Pilate, everyone had a hand in executing Jesus.  This is in Acts 4.  Read Acts 4:1-27 and it fulfills Psalm 2.  And Mark 13:9. 

False Appearance/Whited Sepulchers

What I’m trying to share with you is there was a religious system that appeared to love Jesus, but really wouldn’t serve Jesus.  Or, would appear to love God, but really wouldn’t serve God.  It was all an act and Jesus dealt with this when He dealt with the whited sepulcher.  He said you appear as whited sepulcher, beautiful on the outside, but on the inside you are dead man’s bones and iniquity.[lii]   And in another place He said extortion.  It’s hypocrisy and Jesus talked about hypocrisy being as leaven and He also explained, if you search out the scriptures, that this leaven is false teaching, hypocrisy, corruption.[liii]  So there’s a religious system that they use God’s gifts and calling for their own purposes, for their own exaltation or whatever.[liv]  God’s against that. 

False Alliances

One thing here that comes to my mind is how there are delusions.  Okay, hypocrisy is an illusion.  It’s counterfeit, it’s false, it’s pseudo, it’s fake.  God hates that.  And there are people that know a ministry or an institution or a church or whatever, is a lie but they fortify it and strengthen it and serve it anyway.   You say why would they do that?  Well--Why would you do that?  People do it because of the fear of man, because of the money, that maybe they’ll get a paycheck, maybe they have a title or position or maybe they love to belong to that thing.  You see, people like to belong to the biggest and the best, the most, and the most beautiful. That’s the vanity of this whole thing. 

Bondage Of Religious Pharaohs

And the Lord is showing me it’s like the pharaohs, the pharaoh’s palace, that wants to make a name for himself and he forces the people to slave.[lv]  Or as Jeremiah put it, the priests are corrupt, the prophets prophesy falsely and my people love it so.[lvi] 

“Religious” People Won’t Receive From God

The religious system does not please God because it does not really serve God and it does not receive the messenger of God.  Jesus said if you love God, you would receive me.[lvii]  And the words of God, what God is speaking, have no place in you, otherwise you’d be believing the message.[lviii]  I hope you’re understanding. 

The Wheat and Tares

What I want you to see is we have a religious system that pretends to serve God, but really doesn’t.  Christianese, churchianity, however you want to refer to it.  Jesus referred to it as wheat and the tares, the tares and the wheat.[lix]  They look similar, and they are growing, and Jesus said leave them alone, let them grow together.  If you pull up the weeds or the tares, you might pull up the wheat, so leave them alone.  But at the second coming Jesus sends angels to separate the wheat and the tares.[lx] 

Persecution From The Tare Religious System

And what I want you to know is the illusion of the pseudo church, the same thing that in Acts 4 that as you will read, you’ll see that we have Pilate and Herod and the Gentiles and the rulers of Israel standing in opposition to Jesus and they killed Him.  Of course, He laid down his life for us, but they killed Him.[lxi]  And they will do the same to you if you’re following Jesus, so I’m asking you to prepare yourself.[lxii]

Martial Law/Political Tyranny/Response To Cataclysmic Events

Now, we’re in an era where a few men, because they lust for money and they lust for power, they have illusions and as the distress of the nations comes forth, the judgments of God and the wars and the calamities, the pestilence, the great sicknesses, they will have to because of the distress--the civil distress, disturbance, they’ll have to bring it back into order.  They will bring to power martial law.  Do you understand that?  And they will do the same thing because of the Christians that are filled with the oil of God and the understanding of God will oppose this because they will establish an illusion that a man of peace will come on the scene, a false christ, and there will be a false prophet and if you’re not understanding, you’ll be swept up in it.[lxiii]

Religio-Political Stage Set

 Do you understand how our religious systems today have made this so possible by this special tax status, 501(c)(3) I think it’s called?  Jesus said render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.[lxiv]  But when you have a special merging of the church with the government you’re in violation and this type of status has given the government leeway into the things of God.  What it is is-- it’s a false “metron” (boundary) that puts the government out of their sphere of influence, the proper influence.  And when this distress comes they’re going to use the church, just like in Jesus’ day, to execute the opposers, execute those that aren’t going along with the system.  The” voices” just like in Rome, Quo Vatis.  Look at that movie that was made in the 1950s. Okay? 

Godly Allegiance And Alliance

It can sound unpatriotic what I’m about to say, but you have to realize in these days, this is another thing that God has shown me is if you are a Christian, you are of a holy nation.[lxv]    You are of the kingdom of God and your king is the Lord Jesus Christ.  The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  He represents the invisible Father.[lxvi]  And God has set his King on His holy hill of Zion.  Read this in Psalm 2.  Yes, we live in the United States of America.  We vote, I vote (I’ll speak for myself), I vote for my president and I vote for him and I hold him accountable to the laws of this land, and that’s the constitution.  And I can vote or not vote and I have liberties in this country, and we all do, and we should stand for those freedoms. 

Isaiah 10:The Hypocritical Nation

I’ll tell you what God is speaking right now this morning to me about the hypocritical nation.[lxvii]  The LORD says that the man that had the power to save a helpless woman from starving to death did nothing.  And this is the same man, the leader of a hypocritical nation, that spends an excess of $80 billion dollars to establish democracy in foreign nations such as Iraq, but would not lift a finger to spare a helpless woman from starving to death.  Shall not the God of earth judge this thing?[lxviii]  He certainly shall. 

The Boiling Kettle/The Stage Is Set

And I want you to understand there’s an illusion going on and the people are asleep and not seeing it.[lxix]  That after 9-11 and the establishment of the Patriot Act in the United States, the officials are free to torture and incarcerate individuals that are viewed as a threat to the nation. 

Look And See/The Religious System Persecutes Again

Let him that hears understand-- that the constitution gives you the right to Habeas Corpus, which means you have the right to representation in a day of court.  However, with this new law the constitution is outridden and if you are viewed by whoever officials as a threat, you will be incarcerated.  And I want you to see that this is how they will go about and execute Christians in the United States of America.  And this is how the government will utilize so-called churches where Jesus said they will beat you in the synagogues.[lxx]  The synagogues are the meeting place for God’s people in Jesus’ day.  And this is how, my friends, the word of God is unfolding in these days. 

The day of the LORD is at hand.[lxxi]  Bow before the LORD and worship Him.[lxxii]  Seek His face.[lxxiii]  Seek Him while He may be found.  Call upon Him while He is near.[lxxiv]  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.[lxxv]

Let Go/Pick Up Your Cross

This is the great thing, that as you let go of the vanities, as you let go of the things of this age, and you pursue the kingdom, and you be rich towards God and you love people and you be filled with the love of God, and you go minister, God will use you for His glory. 

The Emerging True Church…The Called Out (Ekklesia)

Just like they did in the book of Acts where the word of God it grew and increased and God added to the church daily such as should be saved.[lxxvi]  This is the true church you shall see, not the churches of man, but the church is the called out.  That’s what church means.  It’s ecclesia, called out.  We’re going to be coming out of the system, we’re going to be coming out of the world and this pressure that’s coming into the earth will bring forth a precious anointing upon God’s people and there will be a great harvest.  There will only be a remnant, but God will be gloriously glorified.

The Blessing

I just share this for you, be at peace as you seek Him, stand aside from the great ‘skyscrapers’ that are man-made, exalted, because they’re coming down and just, out of a pure motivation to see the Lord glorified, give your life to that.  God bless you.  In Jesus name, Amen.










(The following is another version of the message “Alarm” delivered on the same day.  It, again is unrehearsed or prepared but is in raw state shared with you for your benefit)

My name is Trevor Davis.  This is April 2, 2005.

It came to my mind this morning that I should go ahead and put the word of the LORD on this tape and share with you the things that I’ve been hearing recently.  Back in October of 2004 I felt the admonition--the LORD telling me to…that I should be reading and writing, that I should write the things that I see and hear.

Life As Usual/Unsuspecting People Oblivious To Judgment

In that time the scripture that really came alive was in Luke where it says, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the Son of Man”.  And you’ll see that life was as usual, eating, drinking, marrying, building, planting, buying, selling all the way up to the very day the judgment flood came and destroyed them, except for Noah and those that God had appointed to be with Noah in the ark and the animals, of course. 

Multiple Facets Of Judgment/Refusal To Repent

So you need to realize that as this day approaches life will be going on right up until the Day of Judgment.  But there’ll be many judgments unfolding on the earth because God is appealing to humanity and to all people to come back to Him and to call upon Him and to repent.  And as we read in the book of Revelation, even though severe judgments are poured out into the earth, people would still not repent of idolatry, fornication, adultery, murder, lying.  They would not.  They refused.  They hardened their heart and they actually seek to make war against God. 

Familiarize With Scripture On End Days

And as you’ll read Matthew 10, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17, Luke 21 and study these texts regarding the second coming you’ll learn a lot and it’ll prepare you.  The first thing that I was seeing was God warned Noah and in Hebrews 11:7 it says “By faith, Noah, being warned by God concerning things not yet seen, moved in fear and prepared an ark to the saving of his house by which he condemned the world and became the heir of righteousness which is by faith.” 

God Warns Noah

What so strikes me is the fact that God warned Noah.  Secondly, he warned him about things that were not yet seen.  It had never rained before.  The earth had never seen rain.  And for God to release such a massive flood to bring the destruction was ominous, was so awesome.

Noah Takes Action

And, if you put yourself in Noah’s shoes, he heard God speaking to him, the invisible God, warning him about things that he could not relate to, could not understand, but he moved with fear.  He took action, he responded, and the aspect of fear means he was…he took it very, very serious.  Very, very serious. 

Hear The LORD!

So you need to be hearing from God right now.  God is saying that the day of LORD is at hand and He’s having me share this scripture.  It says, “Sound the alarm in my holy mountain.  The day of the LORD is at hand.”  That’s Joel 2:1.  God’s saying prepare for the day that is coming.  It’s awesome and devastating.  Do not trust in man (that’s Psalm 146:3).  “Trust not in your bows and your spears and your swords” (that’s Psalm 44:6), “but put your trust in God who alone is worthy” (that’s Psalm 16:1).  “The day is close at hand, even at the door.  God says enter your secret chamber so you may be hid in the day of His wrath.”  That’s Isaiah 26:20 and Zephaniah 2:3.  “God is standing up, ready to roar and shout in His anger at the rebellion and evil of man” (Isaiah 3:13).  “God says he’s going to ease Himself of His enemies” (Isaiah 1:24).  “God is going to judge the kings and kingdoms” (Isaiah 24:1).  “Great cataclysmic events are coming and have already begun” (Matthew 24:6-8).

Watch and Pray

 “Watch and pray.  Pay attention.  Take notice of what’s taking place.  Be prepared for the great persecution and betrayal from those that are closest to you” (Mark 13:12).  “Christians will give up their faith and persecute other disciples”  (Matthew 24:9-10).  “The politically instituted religious systems will beat, imprison, and execute Christians” (Mark 13:9).  Those believers following God and Jesus will be rejected and persecuted by the governments and religious orders.  See Jeremiah and Jesus’ experience in Acts, particularly chapters 3 and 4.  “God’s set apart ones will be anointed and proclaim His word with power” (Mark 13:9).


So one of the other things that was really made real was this issue of persecution because God says His people are not prepared and Jesus was telling His people to settle it beforehand to prepare yourself for persecution because it will come from people, you’d be surprised, from those that are closest to you.  It will come from religious systems.  It will come from governments.  And you need to prepare yourself.  That way, when it happens, you handle it properly.

A Falling Away And Betrayal

Because there’s many people that are going to give up their faith.  Many, Jesus said, will be offended and give up and then they’ll betray others and they’ll hate them.  So there’s going to be a great falling away and a great persecution.  So settle it beforehand to prepare yourself for the persecution.  Because that’s the way it was with all the prophets.  That’s the way it was with Jesus.  That’s the way it was with the apostles.  That’s the way it’s been for all the servants of the Lord throughout church history and now it’s going to happen again, in this day, in this great and noble day of the LORD for it surely makes haste and is at hand.

Hide In The LORD 

God is telling His people to enter into the secret chamber that you may be hid in the day of His anger so you are now to be seeking the face of God and you hear His voice.  Don’t stop seeking Him until you hear His voice.  Wait before Him.  Be focused and really draw into the Lord that you may be hidden.  And you have Psalms 91 and you have Psalms 46 and you have Psalms 32, many verses that talk about the trouble and the shaking of the earth and the removing of mountains and raging seas and yet you’ll have confidence if you’re close to the Lord.  This is where you need to go.  Don’t put your confidence in man.  Don’t put your confidence in anything but God Himself. 

Judgment First At The House Of God

God says His judgments are going to start with Christianity or His people or those that profess faith in Him and that comes from Ezekiel 9:6 and I Peter 4:17-18.  Also, you’ll read in I Corinthians 3 about the temple and how the fire will try the works.  So God is going forth, judging.  So judgment begins in the house of the Lord.


Another thing that has been made real to me is this aspect of an alarm.  God says sound the alarm and many people think this is…you feel fear or this is a fear message and they don’t want to have fear.  But I have to tell you that you should be afraid.  You should fear God and Jesus tells us this.  He says “do not fear them that can kill the body, but fear Him that after He’s killed the body can throw you into hell, the place of the departed, Sheol.  Fear Him.”  And you should absolutely fear God, you should absolutely be so careful.  So careful. Walk circumspectly before God.

Prostrate Before God/Bow Low

And you draw near to Him and you…in fact one other thing that’s made real to me is in Revelations 4, 5, and chapter 7 you’ll see the elders, the angels and the redeemed that are in the heavens are prostrate, laying flat on their face before God and the throne of the Lamb.

God’s Judgment Is Holy

And I believe that this is where we need to be is flat on our face before God because these days of judgment are awesome, and holy, and are to be revered because God has been patient a long, long time so to speak.  And Jesus Christ comes to tread the winepress of the wrath of the Almighty God.

The “Alarm”

So this aspect of the alarm, that’s the sounding of the alarm.  It’s specifically to make you aware of something you were not aware of before, something you had not seen, something you had not known, something you had not heard.  It’s to awaken you.  It’s to get your attention from whatever you’re doing, whether you’re asleep or whether you’re working or whatever you’re doing, the alarm’s purpose is to get your attention and to have you have a response, to react.  That’s what an alarm is for.  God loves you and he’s trying to…He’s sounding the alarm to make you aware and to have you take action.  You need to run to safety.  And your heart should be pounding.  If you were to think of an example, if you were asleep in your house and your house was on fire and you didn’t wake up, you can be sure that the fire department is going to come down with sirens and flashing lights and bullhorns and break down your door and, believe me, your going to be pounding, your heart’s going to be pounding and you’re going to run out of the house.  You’re going to grab all of those that are close to you; your family, and you’re going to get out of that house.  You’re going to run.  Same thing.  We need to be running to God right now with all our heart and with all our strength and let go of things, let go of things that are going to pass away, that have no importance.  Let go of the vanities, the things that are offensive to God.  You better let go of it and you better go to God. 

Understand God’s Judgment

I want you to remember the story of Lot and his family.  It says that righteous Lot vexed his soul from day to day with the wicked deeds of that city and the angels came and took them out of there and they were instructed not to even look back as God judged that land.  And God rained fire and brimstone and Lot’s wife, she turned back, and there was the city in the midst of God’s judgment and she became a pillar of salt and a testimony perpetually in the scriptures.  Love not the world neither the things that are of the world for surely they will pass away.

The Sad Story Of Isaiah 1:God’s People

Be rich towards God.  Help people.  If you’ll read the first chapter of Isaiah, you’ll see how God said He raised up children, a people, but they did not know Him anymore.  They had forsaken Him.  And even an ox knows its master and a donkey knows its crib, but my people, says the LORD, do not know Me.  And He said their children were corrupt and liars.  God was very grieved with that. 

Return And Simplify

And He said that to come back to Him and though their sins were red as could be that He would make them white as snow.  And He said to get washed, get clean, and learn to do good.  And He really wanted you to, wanted us to help those that are in need.  The widow, the orphan.  So what we need to do is do the simple things in this hour as we draw near to Him.  Be about the simple things.  Be about the kingdom of God.  It’s not about anything else.


Another thing that God has showed me was that there’s going to be a great exposure.  The hidden things done in darkness are going to be exposed.  And it says in Ephesians that it’s a shame to even speak of the things that are done of them in secret but that which is light is manifest and reveals what kind of works they are.  This is Ephesians 5.  Read 6-12 and verse 13.  Then everyone will see what God is judging and this exposure is going to take place in every facet.  You’ll find the rich, sports, religion, high and low, all kinds of exposure are going to…and horrendous evils are going to be taking place.

High Heads Humbled 

Another thing that God has showed me is how God is going to judge the high and the lofty looks, the pride, the arrogance.  Everything that exalts itself in ministries that are placed on a pedestal, all that is coming down.  That’s Isaiah 2:11,12, and 17.  God’s bringing down the ‘gods’ where we have elevated people on pedestals. 

We’re talking about the days of judgment, the many types of judgment and God’s going to deal with this country, God’s going to deal with Christianity.  It’s a time to get close to God.  It’s a time to promote the kingdom of God and to help those, the simple things, help people that are in need. 

United States Is A Hypocritical Nation

This morning the LORD was showing me that judgments- plural- that are going to come to this United States will be: war, famine, sickness, and beasts.  And these are spoken of in Ezekiel.  I hear the sound of armies and armaments making array for the onslaught.  I’ve heard their sounds, I hear the troops, not marching as yet, but marching in place and I hear the squeaking wheels of the tanks.  I hear the shrill sound of jet engines and I saw this morning the cargo being loaded upon the ships, battleships, and aircraft carriers, that type of thing.  I see that the army of the enemy is preparing themselves to attack this country when they are given the orders to go forth. 

And what grieves me, this is a lament, whoever you are, this is a lament, that I grieve because I know that most people do not see this or know of its coming………. 










[The following is from a transcript of an unrehearsed recording dated 11.28.05 and is presented in its raw and format for the benefit of those who read it.]

My name is Trevor Davis.  Today is November 28, 2005

I’m going to open my mouth and share with you some of the scriptures and the word of the LORD that I’ve been hearing.  First, as I share with you, I want to take you to I Peter 4:7 and following: 

“But the end of all things is at hand.  Be ye therefore sober, alert, and watch unto prayer.  And above all things have fervent love among yourselves for love shall cover the multitude of sin.  Use hospitality one to another without grudging, and as every man has received the gift, even so minister the same one to another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.  If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God.  If any man minister, let him do as the ability which God gives that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ to whom be praise and dominion forever and ever.  Amen.”

 I want to make it very clear that ministry, my ministry, in my life is dedicated to glorify God and to glorify His Son Jesus Christ.  That is true ministry as Jesus has taught us in the gospel of John.  I encourage you to read that.  That he that seeks his own glory is not genuine, but he that seeks the glory of him that sends him is genuine and there is no unrighteousness in him.

                So, I must share this word with you, and I must share with you what I have heard as it is written in Amos.  ‘When the LORD has but spoken who can but help but prophesy?’, paraphrasing. 

The LORD says, “Sound the alarm in My holy mountain.  The day of the LORD is at hand.”  That’s Joel 2:1.  God is calling His people to return to Him.  Seek His face with a whole heart and soul.  That’s Deut. 30:2, Ps 105:4.  We are to hear His voice, Matthew 4:4.  The LORD says He is standing up to judge the earth for its iniquity.  The LORD calls His people into the abiding place of the LORD to be hidden in the day of His wrath.  That’s Isaiah 26:20, 21.  You’ll find the comfort in abiding in the LORD in His sanctuary in Psalms 91 and Psalms 32:6-8.  Psalms 46-1-3.  God is bringing His judgments to the earth and America, but first He will start with those who profess faith in Jesus Christ (1 Peter 4:17-18)  [(This is spiritual blindness in today’s case…see Isaiah 29:10-13) editors note]

You’ll find the same principle in Ezekiel 9:6.  Everything will be shaken that can be shaken.  Geophysical, financial, the cultures, the lifestyles, the heavens above, the earth below.  You’ll see this in Isaiah 2:21, 13:13, Haggai 2:6, Matthew 24-6-7.  God is calling His people to be rich towards Him.  Share your faith and help those that are in need.  You’ll find that in Luke 12:21, Isaiah 1:16-17. 

                Great persecution is coming.  The LORD said specifically to be prepared beforehand and He says that His people are not prepared for the most part.  They are not ready.  They are not used to laying down their life.  They’re not used to picking up their cross and literally denying their soul.  They’re not used to preferring the Lord over all, over family, mates, children, their own life.  The LORD says it’ll be very difficult if you’re not used to laying down your life.  Three times in Luke “You cannot be my disciple, you cannot be my disciple, you cannot be my disciple.”  He made it very clear-- unless you pick up your cross, unless you prefer Him above your father, and your mother, and your mate, your children, your own life, things you possess.  Unless you pick up your cross there is no way you can handle what is about to break forth and is already begun.

When Jesus was asked three questions by His disciples and apostles as recorded in Matthew 24, what was the sign of His coming and the sign of the end of the age and also Jesus was talking about the destruction of Jerusalem.  But the first thing that Jesus said was beware that no one deceive you.  And He talked about great deceptions, great deceptions by false christs, by false prophets, by false teachers and ministries.  Many things that appear right on the surface that are false at the core, so you must be discerning.  You must not believe a lie.  You must value truth.  If you do not value truth, and will stand up for the truth, it is written in 2 Thessalonians that God will give you over to delusion, to believe a lie.  Please don’t let that happen to you. 

                There’s a religious system.  It’s the same psychological dimension that murdered all the prophets since the world began and Jesus, His apostles and all the servants of the Lord throughout church history and you’ll see this laid out for you in Acts 4:1-25, thru 27, this fulfills Psalms 2 and Mark 13:9.  

Specifically, I’m going to lay out for you what the Lord is saying.  He’s saying sound the alarm.  He’s saying to seek His face.  He’s saying to listen to His voice.  He’s saying you must watch and pray.  You must take note of the things that are breaking forth in the earth.  Enter your secret chamber that you may be hid in the day of the Lord’s indignation.  That’s Isaiah 26:20, 21.   The Lord is coming forth to judge the earth.  Read this in the Psalms, especially the Psalms 90’s.  The Lord is standing up to judge.  That’s in Isaiah. 

                Multiple cataclysmic events are coming and have already begun.  The LORD said that they will come suddenly and at the same time.

 Jesus marveled at the religious people when He was here and He said, “I’m amazed that you can discern the signs of the weather, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.”

Hebrews 11:7 says, “God warned Noah about things that were not seen as yet, and he moved in fear and prepared an ark to the saving of his family.”  This is the thing you must consider, that God does warn his people.  Those that have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to be receptive, God will speak to you.  God is speaking.  God’s calling out right now and that’s why the Lord is saying, “sound the alarm”.  It’s to bring you to attention to something that you have not known, or seen, or heard, or thought of, or aware of.  And it’s to make you attentive that you would take action and run to the Lord.  

God warned Noah.  God warned Lot.  God warned Mary and Joseph and took Jesus out as there was going to be an execution of the children in Israel.  God warned His people about famine.  So God does prepare His people.  Listen to His voice.  Man should not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.  You must hear the word of the LORD.  Your life is at stake and those that you love. 

                Persecution is coming, ladies and gentlemen.  That is the crux of our faith in Jesus Christ.  What a great glory, what a great honor, what a great privilege and to suffer for His name-- is awesome!  But be prepared.  Prepare yourself in your soul.  Pick up your cross and deny yourself.  Don’t love the things of this world and the things that are in the world because they will pass away.  Keep your priorities and objectives proper. 

The LORD says there’s going to be a great falling away, not only because of the increase of sin will harden the hearts, people will turn away from the faith, but the deception will also lead people away to where the false – people will reject their faith and will actually persecute God’s little ones.  And woe unto those that offend the least of the little ones of the Lord.  It would be better for them to have a giant millstone tied around their neck and to be thrown into the middle of the sea than to offend one of the little ones of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Lord says that there is going to be an exposure and it’s written in Ephesians 5 and He also talked about it in the gospels that that which is done in darkness shall be brought into the light and it’s a shame to even speak about the things that are done in darkness, but that which is light does make manifest.  So there is an exposure, political, monetary, religious, every realm is going to be exposed and you’ll see why God is judging righteously. 

                The LORD is also talking about a pseudo church or a false church that has an appearance of righteousness, but really doesn’t serve God or love God and you’ll see that in Acts 4.  You’ll see this when Jesus came to His own and His own received Him not.  Those people believed in God.  They believed in scripture.  They believed in the Messiah, but they would not submit to God.  It was an appearance.  They were not listening to what God was saying by His Spirit.  They were not recognizing and acknowledging God’s act and when Jesus came, Jesus came for a purpose to fulfill all righteousness and that He would suffer at the hands of the gentiles and be rejected of His people.  That He was a sacrifice for the sins of the world, that He would die once, for all, and be vindicated from the grave, come out of the grave and that the Lord GOD would not leave His soul in the departed place.  That’s Psalms 16.  And the Lord Jesus was resurrected after three days.  And He was seen by over 500 people and He ascended into the heavens, sitting at the right hand of the Father until all His enemies are made His footstool.

                That brings us to what is God saying now.  What is God doing right now?  And the condemnation that God had towards Israel was that they did not even recognize that the Spirit of God had withdrawn.  The prophets did not say “Where is the LORD?” 

And there was a mixture of other religions in with God’s worship.  And God was offended.  And He withdrew and the people regarded not His act and they were not listening for His voice.  And the same is taking place today.  What is God’s act today?  What is God speaking today?  Let him that has ears hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 

Jesus said He would execute judgment because He was the Son of Man.  And as you read in the book of Revelation, Jesus comes back with flaming fire with all the holy angels of God and He treads the winepress of the wrath of the Almighty God.  As an unprecedented day of judgment unfolds upon the earth, that the earth itself will reel to and fro like a drunkard as prophesied by Isaiah, where the stars themselves will fall to the earth.  The sun will turn like black sackcloth and the moon will turn like blood, and there will be blood and vapor and smoke in the earth and great earthquakes and great plagues that people will seek to die and will actually curse God because they hate God and they refuse to repent when God has opened His loving extended hand of grace.  That God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever would believe on Him would not be perishing or destroyed, but would find eternal life.  But the people will actually refuse to repent and give glory to God and receive the eternal life gift that is through faith in Jesus. 

God has held back and waited a long, long time.  You’ll see this in Isaiah 42 where the LORD says He will shout like a woman in travail.  In Psalms 78 God says, and He has done this before, He will shout like a wild man drunk with wine!  You do not want to have God clap His hands.  We’ve already seen God shake His hand, which, if you search out the scripture, you’ll see that this is what we’re seeing on the earth today.  But look out when the Father claps His hands! 

                Back to the pseudo religious system.  Jesus said in Matthew 10 that they’ll beat you in the synagogues.  Synagogues are the meeting place of God’s people in the day of Jesus.  For Jesus to say bring that they’ll beat you in the synagogues, and he’s referring to the end days, certainly you would not assert that the Jews will rise up against Christianity, but you must realize that a false religious system will, again, believe in the scripture, believe in God, believe in a Messiah, but not submit to His authority and not be listening to His voice and not be regarding His act.  And they will persecute the ones that are!  And Jesus said some of you they will execute.  Some of you will be beaten. Some of you will be put in prison.  So prepare beforehand.  This is coming ladies and gentlemen. 

The LORD says He is going to deal with the high, the lofty, the proud.  That’s in Isaiah 2:12, 11:12, 17.  There’s absolutely no reason to glory except glorying in the LORD.  You cannot glory in flesh, you cannot glory in our knowledge, we cannot glory in our strength.  This is why he that is strong should humble himself and he that is wise should humble himself that he might be wise in the Lord. 

The LORD has also been showing me the condition or the state of the people have been severely influenced, brainwashed, as you will, by media.  And I would encourage you to do a study on the effects of television on the wavelengths of the brain.  I’m not saying, “Thou shalt not watch TV”.  I’m saying you should be aware of the devices of the enemy because of the effects on the brain.  You’re in an altered state of existence.  You’re also open to influence and you also become vulnerable.  You’ve come to the point where you believe lies.  Remember that advertising is seeking to create a change in thinking that results in an act or behavior.  So be wise. 

So I’m laying this out for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen, to consider, to seek the LORD and to give Him glory and to listen to His voice and to seek His face.  The LORD bless you. 

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